Cycling Bibs and Shorts for Women


Yeah, unfortunately some bibs are just too tight for that trick…


Looking forward to an updated video - bummed this one is no longer available.
I am always on the hunt for more comfortable bibs. i feel like the most important element for me is the chamois - it can make or break a ride for me. My favorite brand so far is Rapha but I still feel like whoever is designing women’s bibs has no idea what female anatomy actually is like…and it seems like for some brands, there are like 10 different configurations for the chamois for men’s bibs and ONE for women’s. I realize this is a really personal preference, but we are not one shape fits all, and I find that so frustrating.
Has anyone tried Endura bibs? I stumbled upon them today online and ordered a pair (because they are much cheaper than Rapha on Amazon and hey, why not?) - they offer different pad widths (for your sit bones) and have a zipper in the back so you don’t have to take them off for a nature break. I’m intrigued by the ideas there, interested to see how they deliver on the concept? I’ll post an update after I try them. :nerd_face:


Last summer, I bought a pair of Endura with the back zipper on sale, and I love them.
So when another sale came up , I bought a pair of the womens Pro SL bibs.
I like them allot.
Love the Chamois.
Hope they work well for you.


I wear DHB Aeron Women’s bib shorts from Wiggle (UK brand). They have a halterneck which stretches which allows for toilet breaks without the need to remove any clothing. The back of the short can be easily lowered with the strap still in place. They really work and make light work of toilet breaks. I have a more expensive pair of Castelli bib shorts but I much prefer these ones - I find the chamois in the Castelli is too thick and not very flexible and I have to strip off for toilet breaks. At the moment the DHB are in the sale…might get another pair :slight_smile:


I have started using a brand of bibs from 7 mesh. I do a lot of double centuries and they are great for really long rides. The other thing that makes these bibs great, is they are designed to be able to pull down without having to take off any of your layers up top. Makes for a very efficient pit stop on top of keeping you comfortable all ride long. They are a Canadian based company and they can be ordered online or through REV Cycling


I loved everything about the Endura bibs…except for the chamois. It was torture for me, so I sadly returned them. I don’t think it was a sizing issue either. The zipper is amazing- works exactly the way it’s supposed to.


Those just went on my to try list, thank you! I’m eyeing up a double century in December (all tips welcome), and looking for a bib that will go the distance. I like that they actually showed a picture of the chamois on the website.
My favorite bibs are Rapha, with Velocio running a close second.


willing to help out any way I can. Pacing and good fueling are the most important things to get through 200 miles


Stacy here are a few important tips for longer rides.


I would love fueling tips. I eat quite a lot on the bike and fall to pieces relatively quickly if I under-fuel. It’s taken me a lot of work over the past few years to figure out what works for fuel and keeps me going. My usual target is 250 calories an hour between drink and eating, but on a century we typically stop for lunch about halfway through and I definitely feel it if we don’t. Should I just roughly plan on eating twice what it takes me to get through a century in order to get through a double? I’m afraid that the calorie deficit between what I’m burning and what I’m taking in will add up too fast over 12+ hours of riding.
I’d say training wise I’m rock solid up to about 70 miles and comfortable up to 100, but my longest ride ever was 107miles (with 7K feet of climbing) and I haven’t pushed past that distance yet. I’d like to do at least a 125, 150, and back to back centuries before attempting my first double.

Eating / fueling for a 200 mile ride