Cycling Kit - STORE OPEN!

I am excited to announce our first [360 VELO] Cycling Kit!! I worked with the talented Tina Grobler on this, and am super pumped about the positive feedback we have received from our members on the design. (Note that the actual kit colors might vary slightly from the picture)

Here is the link to the Team Store Deadline to order is February 21st, 2021

There is a helpful sizing guide in the Pactimo Store, but for reference, I wear the same size in Pactimo and Castelli for jerseys (race cut) and bibs. The jersey in the store is AERO cut, so please remember that as you look at the sizing guide. For the bibs, you’l have the option for a longer or standard leg length. I wear the standard and that falls in the middle of my quads. CHAMOIS guaranteed to be comfortable on 6+ hour rides!! I’ve tested it!!

Really love how it turned out. Sides are cool too!!

The Bibs have white mesh straps (not black as shown below)


Wow! Take my money now!!

Can’t wait for the other link - hurry hurry!

Also, I should mention that I don’t make any money on these kits… just in case anyone is wondering. Some teams/businesses have a markup and make a small profit on the sales, but that’s not the case here :blush:


I confirmed that the the store ships to the countries listed below @Tracyligemagreen and all! Unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia, New Zealand or Norway :sob:


@Coach_Theia so I can order from the link you already told us yes?

Any way to order the men’s sizing? I went thru a sizing with castelli for my Suunto kit (still to ship) and they put me in men’s tops based on measurements. Sizing was based on the Podio series.

Shorts I can do the women’s.

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And if anyone wants kits but are in a county they don’t ship to I have no problem helping you out and you can ship here then I can post abroad. It’s not the cheapest to ship from Charleston but we are a hub and stuff hasn’t been impacted as much recently.

We could combine orders to save on initial shipping then go from there.



Ordered! I’ve tried on Castelli and find it runs small, never owned Pactimo but based on their sizing chart I needed to size up to Large. Hoping it’s right, if not maybe we can post availability to others in the forum. Excited to wear this beautiful kit! Thank you @Coach_Theia :gift_heart:

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@Coach_Theia Do you wear size small or xs?

I have a silly question on the gloves - - how do you know what size? I am guessing I am a small but I have had issues lately with my left hand falling asleep while I ride. I have to loosen my watch and shake my arm a lot (still doesn’t take care of it so I may try wearing the watch on the other arm), so I am afraid of what would happen if a small glove was too snug…but wondering if the medium would be too loose. If they are super stretchy I think I would just go with a medium. Do you know if they are super stretchy?

I’m not sure what size jersey I think XS would fit but I’m worried and think maybe I should go for the S?

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I think there may be three in Perth or Mandurah ,if all interested we could somehow get shipped to one address then get together ?

May reduce cost??

Great idea. I would definitely order if we can get delivery.
I also have family in UK. So thought if I have to I could have delivered to them and they could forward.

Will check on that @vivian.a.workman!

@Covi I wear Small on jersey, bibs, and gloves (5’3", 123 lbs)

@cynergy I do think they run a little smaller than most jerseys. Did you see the videos they had? Maybe they are helpful?

@reservoircat I love these gloves! I wear a Small and my hand is 7.5 inches (measuring the circumference as shown below):


They are on the stretchy side and have a velcro closure.




thanks @coach_Theia I’m 5’2" and 110 lbs? No didn’t see the video but was looking at the sizing chart

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Thanks for the reference Theia! All my Castelli kits are M and I have a pactimo kit also in M that fits fine but I had another Pactimo M that was crazy tight on my boobs… I think I’ll give the M a shot as the L is usually lose on my arms and also long and I don’t like that. Fingers crossed I’ll look good :sweat_smile:

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The size chart shows you how to measure your hand. When I first started Zwifting i was wearing my gloves all the time, so of course they get sweaty and i would wash them - over time, they shrunk a little bit. Now I only wear them inside for races or long rides and just use extra microfiber towels for everyday. I prefer to get them a little on the bigger side so that as you wash them, you have room for them if they shrink. I have long fingers, less slender now that I am starting to get some arthritis in the joints but you measure your knuckles an that’s where I have the most arthritis showing up so honestly, i will get the XL - i got XL in men’s pearl izumi last summer and they are fine - probably a little loose in the beginning but I’ve washed them enough they are comfy now


@Covi i think that the other pactimo jersey you had was more aero fit like this kit to be honest. I could ask FtFF early next week if you want - they have an event this weekend (the one I can’t go to) I threw the tag out so I can’t tell for certain which fit it is but i feel like its more aero than traditional. I will probably get a L in the jersey (for me its the hips not the boobs :joy:)

Something else to consider all, when i ordered custom from Pactimo before, it required signature at receipt - not sure how that factors in with Covid but at the time i didn’t know that and was traveling and it almost got returned.

And the forum is not happy with me tonight that i did 3 separate responses😂