Cycling Performance Consultation and Planning

Hi Team-

Some of you might not know, but in addition to offering 1:1 Coaching, I also offer individualized Performance Consultations.

This can be a valuable tool if you are in Group Coaching and are interested in personalized, in-depth insights and tailored feedback with actionable steps.

The Performance Consultation includes:

  • Detailed Performance Review: An in-depth analysis of your recent training data, highlighting your strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement, as well as an assessment of your FTP.
  • Training Schedule Assessment: A thorough review of your current training load and schedule to ensure it aligns with your goals and optimizes your performance.
  • Personalized Feedback Session: A 30-minute call where we discuss the findings, answer your questions, and develop strategies to enhance your training and performance.

This consultation is designed to provide you with specific, actionable insights that can help you fine-tune your training and boost your results.

General Consultation:

This is also available for any other topics related to your cycling, including event planning, nutrition, etc.

How to Sign Up:

Follow the link below and select “Consultation”.

Investment: USD 100