Cycling training works!

I have now completed 6 weeks of training with Coach Theia. I did the 30 day challenge, and just finished the first week of the next set of workouts. I did an outdoor ride today to test out my new bike fit, and because it was neither rainy nor windy this morning!

I felt really strong for the whole ride and definitely noticed I was riding much faster than I typically do, and I was definitely not pushing myself to go super fast. I was just trying to stick to the cadence targets mentioned on TP for the 90 minute endurance ride. My average speed was higher by 1 mph than any outdoor ride I have done in the last year. I’m loving this program!



@NUGirl that is awesome to hear. Congrats.

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Good job NuGirl!

Hard work paying off! Well done @NUGirl!

Well done!!

So happy for you @NUGirl! And how is the new bike fit?

@Coach_Theia The fit is great on the outdoor bike. When I picked it up I got new cleats and he adjusted them a bit to center me more on the seat. The pressure mapping showed big pressure spikes on my right side. I need to thaw the inside bike back in because it gave me a sore after just one ride. It gets irritated when I ride inside but not outside. Biggest difference I notice is that my shoulders are more relaxed with the narrower handlebars. So glad I finally got it done!


Congrats @NUGirl!!! We all have different goals but when any of us sees the benefits of the work we are putting in, that person deserves all the kudos and encouragement!!! We’ll get to our respective goals together!


A little more evidence that I’m getting better at this cycling thing. I rode 43 more miles this month compared to last month, but I did it in 2 fewer hours. Also, I went out for a ride today, on a route I have done many times before over the last several years. Achieved 5 PRs on Strava segments, despite not trying to push hard during the ride. Definitely ideal riding conditions today, but it definitely motivates me to keep training.


So pumped for you @NUGirl!! Great job!!