Cycling/ Triathlon Sunglasses


What are your favorite sunglasses for cycling and triathlon and why?

Here is my experience. I have a wide face and big head. I found the Tifosi sunglasses to be a little narrow and tight for me:

For some time I wore the Oakley half jacket, but the lenses are not wide enough and I kept getting watery eyes during rides:

I finally settled for Rudy NOYZ sunglasses. They are a perfect fit, and come with other colors lenses. They never fog either!


I like to have no cross bow at the top, as it interferes with my vision. I think most glasses are not tall enough? My favorite all-time glasses were the Rudy Sport Mask, but they are pretty fragile and kept breaking near the hinge. I have similar Tifosi, but they fog, and this season, I’m also trying the Rudy Noyz. So far, while I love the look, they are still making my eyes water :frowning: - may have to return to a mask-type lens…