Daily Core Workout II video


So, my sciatica battles are still on going. My x-rays show my spine is in perfect condition- no degenerative disks. Says my spine looks like someone 25 years younger. (Which is good since I throw myself all over the place on my mountain bike.)

My muscle strength is excellent. Thank you core exercises! I am on the hardest resistance bands for physical therapy. PT has helped a bunch.

Unfortunately, Can still only ride 20 to 30 minutes in car before burning down leg happens.

Next step is MRI.

Am hoping to get back into training soon.


Glad to hear your spine is intact! It seems to be rare these days- maybe it is intact precisely because you throw yourself all over the place. Keeping my fingers crossed for the sciatica issue to resolve soon :crossed_fingers:


Sending you healing vibes Linda! Glad to hear your spine is in very good shape. Hopefully the MRI will help to see what’s going on so you can be 100% soon.


Previously I would always avoid/skip strength workouts; a number of sports injuries and a car accident have led to a number of operations and long term neck and back problems. When I signed up with 360Velo I decided to ‘woman up’ and stop avoiding them. Whilst initially the daily core workout caused some pain and inflammation I took Coach Theia’s advice and kept with it.
Now, having been doing the workout on a daily basis for over 2 months I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my mobility, flexibility and posture :grin: