Daily Core Workout II video

Hi All- here is a 3 min video where I demo each of the core movements for the Daily Core Workout II

Movements and targeted muscle groups:

  • Bird/dog: low back, glute major
  • Supermans: low back, glute major (with added bonus for upper back and neck)
  • Prone snow angels: low back, middle back, hip abductors
  • Reverse crunch: transversus abdominis (TVA)
  • Hip bridge with leg lifts: low back, glutes, hamstrings
  • Side plank with hip raises: obliques
  • Side leg lifts: lateral hip muscles
  • Boat row: obliques
  • Mountain climbers: transversus abdominis (TVA), hip flexors, quads

Thanks for the video, that’ll certainly help. I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and actually do the strength workouts :rofl:


Yessss!!! You will notice that the strength workouts will be (i) short; (ii) focused on what benefits cycling and overall mobility/strength; (iii) doable!

The movements are effective and work the muscles in an appropriate firing pattern. The position of the joints determines the muscles worked, meaning, if the position/form isn’t correct, you will not be working the right muscles. So please pay attention to that in the video :slight_smile:


Lucky me, I’m doing half of these in my physical therapy for sciatica. I totally recommend dry needling if they ever offer it in physical therapy.

It hurts so bad and good at the same time. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good to know Linda! As for the dry needle… Google says it is not the same as accupunture, but it sure “looks” the same.

They do use acupuncture needles, but in acupuncture the needles don’t necessarily go where your pain is, but placed throughout the body. ( I tried acupuncture for migraines when I had over 180 migraine days in a year).
In dry needling, the needles go into myofascial trigger points and are moved up and down to find the correct place .( yes- it is as much fun as it sounds :hot_face:). They then put low current onto the needle. (Again- a bit uncomfortable.)
I know it sounds and feels like a form of torture. But after 24 hours, it starts to release the muscle.
I have had a muscle stuck in spasm for a few months. Stretching, core work, foam rolling, tens machine has not helped. As a typical health care worker, it was when I could no longer walk and stretch my leg straight or sit with out more spasms up and down my leg and back that I went to get help.
Dont be like me and wait that long to get help.


@Coach_Theia and @Michelle. I never did the strength workouts for the Endurance Lab either, but as you said Theia the Plyos are manageable and not intimidating, but look effective. I’m actually going to try them and thanks for the modifications as I don’t think I would otherwise as I’ve got a lot of joint problems.

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Lindsy, you could even start with half of the number of reps and take it from there. Let me know how it goes!

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@Coach_Theia I have a history of hip injuries (mainly due to overuse/bad form from running when I was doing long distance triathlons) and there are certain core exercises that make my hips sore. From the Core II workout, when doing the reverse crunches and when holding the boat position I feel the core burning but I also feel it in my hips. Is that normal? The funny thing is that the following day my core is fine but my hip flexors are sore. Any ideas?

Covi, where in your hips do you feel sore, and do you routinely do any other physical therapy or strengthening exercises for your hips? I am trying to determine whether the soreness is due to weak muscles in the area. I assume the pain is in the front of the hips (hip flexors)? If so, I know that for cycling the two muscles from that region that usually need strengthening are the psoas and iliacus, which the core exercises above help with.

You could sub them as follows:

Sub for Reverse crunch- instead, lay down on your back with both legs/feet up towards the ceiling. Lower one leg at a time as low as you can go without getting your low back off the floor, switch sides (10 each leg). If this one still hurts, I can give you an isometric hold (wall squat with pelvic tucks).

Sub for Boat row - instead, do supine knee drops. Lay down on your back, feet off the ground and knees bent forming 90 degree angles. arms out to a “T”.Keep upper body relaxed and drop your knees to one side as fas as possible without letting your opposite arm and and shoulder blade come off the floor. Alternate sides (10 on each side; 20 total).

Let me know how it goes.

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Thanks @Coach_Theia. Yes, my main issue is with hip flexors. I only do a few hip mobility exercises before my workouts. Will try the modifications you suggest and let you know!

@Coach_Theia I’m finding the muscles on the outside of my hips almost cramp when I’m doing the side leg raises - is this a sign I’m not doing the exercise incorrectly or just my muscles complaining at being used?

That’s normal until you build more strength. As long as the foot and knee on the leg being raised are aligned and parallel to the floor, and facing forward (same direction as the leg on the floor and not up), you are doing it correctly.

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The video is awesome… until I get the exercises down pat I can just play/pause! Thank you!

Same here… I used to then stopped!

Started going to a chiropractor two weeks ago. After he finished I see the Acupuncturist. It’s a total wellness group which is awesome. I have been having issues with right knee due to a bit so good fit! So I have been getting adjustments, dry needling and cupping! Have had 4 sessions so far and the results are awesome!

I find the side plank to be so difficult, so I’m glad to be doing these!! I made my husband try them last night too and he could not do the superman at all, he said his body doesn’t bend that way :joy::joy::joy:

:rofl: I swear these core workouts saved me from having to take medicine for degenerated discs in my lumbar spine. I used to have major back pains and my back used to bother me at all times. Gaining 50 lbs with each of my 2 pregnancies did not help either (I am 127 lb)!

I am now 100% pain-free and can sit in coach on a 12h flight to Brazil without any discomfort!


Thanks for the videos. I looked at the descriptions for the exercises and didn’t know what any of them were. Actually developing some core strength is one of my goals so I should probably start trying to do these.

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They are gentle… and effective!