Exercises while traveling and when you don't have access to a bike

As many of you travel for work or holidays, it’s a good idea to keep an exercise routine that will help you maintain fitness and make the transition back to the bike easier.

Here is how you can plan your days while traveling, using just your body (no need for equipment):

Day 1
Easy due to jet lag, being tired from travel

  • Core III
  • 30-45 min walk
  • Gentle stretching

Day 2

Day 3

  • 15-20 min easy jog (go for a longer run if you are used to running)

Then repeat Days 1-3 in the same sequence, modifying the walk to a brisk walk, hike, or longer walk; and increasing the jog/run time IF you have been running consistently before the trip.


@PaleGail as requested! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for the program!

I am going to be able to XC ski in my holidays so will probably to that, both classic style and freestyle (different muscle groups and technique) However, I will ease into it, not over do and get plenty of rest so its not a total shock to the body like earlier this winter :smiley:

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Thanks @Coach_Theia! Nice thing about core and plyos, don’t need a gym to do them

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I used to travel a lot for work and I found a great app called 7 Minutes. Has some variety. It’s basically 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises for 30 sec each, with a few seconds between each. Looks like Wahoo bought them, so not sure what changes took place. I’d keep a small travel bag of some things like jump rope, bands, etc, but you don’t need them for this app.