Plyos for Beginners (Plyos I)


In this short video I demo 5 basic but very effective plyometric workouts with modifications. These are excellent for developing strength and speed. Highly recommended for cyclists. Start with 15-20 reps of each exercise once a week and increase from there.


Plyos are :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: but so effective!! I have a love-hate relationship with them…


I should have mentioned that for the step-ups, you may use a much lower step to start.


Checking in… how did the Plyos go?


I am doing them tonight and hoping I will be able to get out of bed in the morning :grin:


Ok just did them and did a combo of some with modifications and some without. Much more doable and my heart is thumping away. Lol. Will definitely do them again. :grin:


Did them last night and had to modify a bit. My old knees and ankles started to complain a little with all the jumping. But I liked them! Felt a little stiff when I woke up this morning but after moving around it got better :smiley:


Excellent!!! You might feel a little sore on Sunday, but overtime you will get used to it and get better and better. These will be great for building strong knees and ankles too, Stefanie!


I meant to ask if these were meant to be done barefoot or in shoes. (I did it barefoot and felt OK - surprisingly sore the next day when squatting down to sit on the floor, however.)


You could do it either way, but if barefoot (like I do it on the video), it needs to be with cushion from a foam mat (which will need to be thicker if not on top of carpet). Thanks for the question!!


Confession time; I’ve been avoiding the plyos workout… not sure why but it looked a little scary :see_no_evil: But last night I bit the bullet and gave it a try - I did actually enjoy it! It wasn’t as difficult as I’d built it up to be and I’m really pleased I have it a go. My legs and back are a little sore this morning but in a good way :grin:


It will feel even “better” tomorrow! As with anything new, the body will adapt, so stick to it! Glad you took the plunge!!!


I’ve been busy moaning about my sore legs all day so Hannah wanted to know what I’ve been up to - I explained plyos and she’s now decided she’ll do some whenever she’s waiting for the kettle to boil… on days she works from home she’s boiling the kettle every 30-45 mins so I suspect I won’t be the only one in the household with sore legs tomorrow :rofl:


Excellent! Go Hannah!


Checking in… How are the plyos going??? Who is sticking to them?


Yep! they’re usually incorporated into our Bootcamp sessions - we nearly always skip, lunge and jump squats, love them :muscle: :leg: I should add that they’re pretty hard :sweat_smile:


Did I miss this original email?? I was wondering what you meant by Plyos! Now I know! These look great! I will start incorporating them! You said do once a week?


eek, totally missed these! New job for tonight :joy:


I may have skipped them the past couple of weeks (going to use my MTB injuries as a weak excuse) But it’s back on my plan for this evening… currently on the train heading home from central London and soooooooo (not) looking forward to it :see_no_evil:


Yep been doing them or replacing with my strength session which includes core work, just haven’t been logging them on TP!