Plyos for Beginners (Plyos I)


I should have clarified, the Plyos are part of our “regular” training program- I haven’t assigned them to the Women’s Cycling Challenge. Nevertheless, feel free to incorporate them starting once a week AFTER you’ve established a good core routine :wink:


Where can I find these plyo exercises?


In the video above! Click to watch on YouTube so you can see the number of reps recommended for each movement on the video description.


Guilty of ignorance here, had no idea until now that this was part of the program. I’ve been doing the core daily and will add these int the weekly routine too. Loving all the workouts and everyones feedback. Thanks Theia and well done to everyone having a go.


This is not part of the Women’s Cycling Challenge @herrington14, as explained in my comment above. That’s why it is not on the calendar. It is on the calendar for our monthly members. But again, feel free to give it a go!


I like the plyos! Friday is an early and long workday for me, and it’s really nice to get in something quick that’s still beneficial. Jumping lunges and mountain climbers are the exercises I always dreaded most in “boot camp” style workouts, and now I’m doing them regularly without pain. When do we get plyos 2??


Excellent @apalexander!! As for Plyos II… ask and you shall receive! Although you could increase the reps to 20 first.


Did I miss something… when should these be incorporated in?




Awesome - thanks!


@apalexander If you feel you are used to the plyos, add one more day/week (on a rest day).