Dirty Kanza 200 2018

My team just got into Dirty Kanza 200. We have a 4 man crew covering all different age groups. Hopefully, we can work together and all podium in different age groups.

One guy has won his age group 4 years in a row. This will be his 5th attempt, putting him in the 1000 mile club. One guy was in the lead group last year until mile 80 and then got 6 flats. He is capable of a top 10 finish. I did well last year finishing in 11:49. And, we have one new guy looking for a challenge who has amazing endurance.

I need an Endurance Lab skin suit (Jersey) @anon41524066.


Congratulations and good luck!

Yes, totally aware of the desire to make an Endurance Lab kit, and working towards it. With Castelli we constantly fight minimums to get the styles that people want, but I’m looking into another vendor that would hopefully solve that problem for us, and allow for us to offer more diverse designs and styles, without as suffocating of minimum quantity constraints.


Well if anyone is interested I’m a designer. I have done a few IRL kits for teams in the Kansas city area. Just throwing that out there


What sort of design do you do? I assume you work with illistrator, etc??

Mostly illustrator.

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The Midwest Gravel kit is my most recent. Then the cycle city one is my IRL kit. I designed that as well. 2018 kit for cycle city is going to be green

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Good to know! I’ve been handling most of the kit design work for us thus far, although I’ve had Castelli do the “base design” and then I will tweak logo placements, etc as needed. So in other words, I’m not a real designer. lol

looks awesome!