Error Message when connecting Tickr

I want to start pairing my Tickr to Zwift. I have the Kickr and cadence sensor to connect. My Apple TV is using ANT+. I’m getting a Bluetooth error message that only 2 separate devices can be paired to the Apple TV. When I posted this on Zwift Ladies Only, someone said I needed to get a North Pole Engineering Cable (Connect ANT+ to BLE). I wanted to see what you ladies had to say b/c I know you all do a lot of racing and are on Zwift Power. I’m not racing yet, but wanted to monitor my heart rate more and get on Zwift Power in prep for maybe a race during this winter. Any thoughts?

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Hi @mapmeister

I just switched to AppleTV

I connect my Tacx Neo2 to it and my HRM both via Bluetooth. If I have I have my iphone Bluetooth turned on the AppleTV can’t read the data from my HRM.

One solution I found is to choose the connect via companion option that’s at the top left of the pairing screen when you are logging in.

The alternative I have is switch off Bluetooth on my my iPhone!! Not e if this helps or not

I gave this to someone else the other day and it worked for them. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you, thanks

Here’s Zwift’s version of the same info…

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Responding to my own post. You can do this via the Companion app. I did hook it up but will see if it remains consistent.

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