Exclusive Discounts!

I am pleased to announce a partnership with two of my favorite brands!

More details coming soon, but for now I would like you to know that ALL MEMBERS and those completing the Women’s Cycling Challenge will receive a 25% discount on all products from:



Kramp Krusher

Both brands use only natural and/or organic ingredients, and are 100% plant-based.

  • Members will have access to these discounts on an on-going basis.

  • Those who complete the October Women’s Cycling Challenge will receive a one-time discount.

For Zealios products, we will kick off with a 40% discount, valid for 10 days!

Stay tuned!!!


Can’t wait !!!

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This is awesome @Coach_Theia , can’t wait to order more Betwixt (I’ve used others that work well, but not as well as this!). I’ve also been wanting to try Kramp Krusher after reading about it on here.

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Exciting! I’ve been interested to try Kramp Krusher but the Team Zealios is new to me. what do you like about their stuff @Coach_Theia and others than have used it?

Zealios makes great sunscreen that holds up very well to the hot California sun. They also make Betwixt chamois cream that we were talking about. I’ve tried their body care and it’s pretty good but I don’t use it daily.


@PaleGail after being a long-time user of Assos chamois cream, I switched to Betwixt. I like it so much better! It seems to “bind” better to the skin without the bulk, it lasts well through my rides, and I did not feel like I am swimming in cream “down there”!

The Zealios sunscreen is so light and makes the skin feel so good (soft, absorbs quickly), I might be using it daily and not only as a sports sunscreen. In addition, it is natural, broad spectrum and uses zinc oxide.

Shampoo/conditioner- I don’t swim so I asked my daughter to try it- she is young but very diligent and careful when choosing her hair products. She swims 6 days/week and she really likes the the shampoo and loves the conditioner. Her hair looks amazing too, shiny and with no build up of chlorine.

With the 40% discount we have going on for 10 days, it’s a good chance to try it and see if you like their products.The codes are under “member discounts” in the members-only area of the forum.

WCC participants will receive the code via email.

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Just checking to see if the promotion is underway and code was sent by email? I’m a huge fan of Betwixt chamois cream and would like to take advantage of the discount even in the midst of chaos! Now being told we might not have power until Friday, and am super bummed I may miss some of the week 4 workouts :pensive:. Thanks!

It should be in your inbox @hollybw! Oh my, what a situation with the power outage. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Quick question. I just got your email about the membership specials. How many workouts a week do you send if you do the 50/month option?

@Reneea2002 it will be 3 structured workouts and one endurance ride, very similar to the Challenge.


Got it! Thanks. And I do plan to continue with a membership-I haven’t gone to the website in depth yet to understand the options. Ideally I’m interested in an arrangement where I define some goals and then get some tailored coaching toward those goals. Is that how your overall program works, Theia? I’m guessing others might be interested as well.

Thank you!

Thanks for the info @Coach_Theia!! I just started using Assos chamois cream this year but its kind of a pain to get - have to order the women’s and i like it better than the regular. Willing to give this stuff a try and i should always have sunscreen on

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Intrigued by the Betwixt. What is the texture like? Thick or thin? I tend to like ones that are thick like ointment, not thin like a lotion.

@stacypro tough question… it is in the middle, I think, and more on the thin side- however- I feel like it “binds” to the skin and it’s not like some of the other ones that seem to vanish rather quickly. Maybe @hollybw and @bikechick666 can provide their comments as well.

It’s a thicker cream but it stays put, not like others that sweat away. I used it on my last AIDS Lifecycle ride, 7 days 545 miles. Added some after bathroom breaks and it held up really well.

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Oh, and I use it on my Zwift mega sessions. Holds up better than others. I keep buying new ones because the names sound so cute but they don’t work as well for me. Squirrel Nut Butter, Button Hole, DZ Nuts, Hoo Ha Ride Glide, etc.



I consider it fairly thick, but that makes it easier to apply than my other mainstay, Hoo Ha Ride Glide. Many will prefer Betwixt because it doesn’t have a strong (any?) menthol. Lots of people hate menthol in chamois cream. I kind of like it, but it’s not essential. We always used Betwixt until it disappeared. I’m glad it’s back!

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40% OFF Zealios coming up!!

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I can’t figure out how to add a happy dance gif but yay!!!

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