Fit & Festive (December) - Week 4 discussion

Did FF 4.1 today. Was not looking forward to low cadence again. One of the stories I tell myself is that I am not good at it. I have had knee problems at times throughout my life and low cadence is not knee friendly. But, over this year between the low cadence work and pylos all those muscles have gotten stronger and I can do low cadence now but it is hard to let go of the old story.

Today I was mashing away and grumpy on the first interval and I made myself stop and change the story! First, knees don’t hurt so stop worrying about it. Second, what the heck am I doing mashing down on the pedals? So I started paying attention to my pedal stroke. It smoothed out nicely and in the process low cadence suddenly got a lot easier! After that the whole workout was beautiful and steady with no mashing, no worrying about my knees, and I felt great mentally and physically. And now I have a new story :grin:

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