Forum Upgrade SATURDAY @ 12 CST

I will be upgrading the forum on Saturday this weekend. There will be a short outage during this time. I will probably upgrade around noon Central Standard Time on Saturday.


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just wanted to remind everyone I will be upgrading today. in the next 2 - 3 hours. Taking a backup now and then the site will go down.

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OK the first step of the upgrade is done. Server is upgraded. Next step is updating the forum software. I’m going for a walk with the kids and will complete this next step in a few hours.

OK - I just finished the upgrade / update. Please check to make sure everything is working. Next I plan to migrate this server to a new host. Right now we are on amazon web services and I plan to move to digital ocean. This will cause another outage at a later date when I perform the migration.



Getting the emails @dfriestedt and its letting me post a message, so i say its working! This is more of a test than my IT at work would do :confused:
Glad the weather held for you all to get in a walk outside! It’s still raining down here in the South Loop and sounds like it will most of the day

HA!!! Believe it or not I’m not an “IT” person. But because it is so expensive and everyone is terrible at it I’ve just taught myself how to do it over the last 30 years. Dare I say I’ve gotten “good” over these years.

It’s raining a little in Glenview, but not enough to stop a walk. I’m really hoping this weather improves in Chicago. We’ve been inside on the trainer for 8 months… :frowning:


@dfriestedt working for me too! We will get the rain tomorrow and most of next week so far. Kinda sad about that. We’ve been on the trainer 5 months. :frowning:

I have yet to go otuside today and it’s beauitful out.


I too am now the IT person. Business partner had to plot drawings today (yes on Saturday) and the print head failed. I had to walk him thru trouble shooting it and then when we didn’t have a spare how to trick it to working.

This was after he couldn’t figure out how to plot the drawings so I had to remote in to print.

Did a graphics card switchover (to a different brand) and OS updates earlier this year. Way cheaper and I know it all works.

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Everything’s working! Good morning from Italy, sunny spring day here

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I think I’ve been IRL once since fall not counting commuting to work a little. At least you guys might get easier access once they start to open the forest preserves. I don’t see the lake path opening soon :confused: I feel like I will have to learn how to ride IRL again :cry::sweat_smile:

love it!!! I’m a firm believer that ALL IT problems can be solved with

(1) Google
(2) Hard Work
(3) Unwillingness to quit

I’ve found there are many other people out there with similar problems and they post the problem and solution on the internet on forums, blogs, and help desks. If you dig long enough, you can find the solution.

I agree! 99% of the time I find answers to IT and other technical issues on Google.

I’m in Programmatic Ad Tech - Reddit is a godsend when it comes to tech issues! :slight_smile:


A decade ago is when I left the South Loop, @PaleGail! I had a condo at 18th & Clark! Loved it and hated to leave but ugh, That Weather. Not great for my Raynaud’s. Not that it’s perfect out here in Boulder, either, ha.

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