Further Coaching

Hi Theia,
Sorry I missed the Zoom call yesterday, but , I was spending time with the grandchildren. One thing I wondered about was further coaching and not sure if it was discussed.

Hi @Dmitche thanks for checking in! Yes it was discussed and I will upload the recording shortly. I will also post a coupon for a discount for the first month when you join! Stay tuned!

Hi Theia,
Sorry for not responding sooner. I had my Mom here and had not been getting much activity done.
I have a 70.3 scheduled for July, which will be my A race for the year (hopeful) and have s long course triathlon in June. Would I be able to continue with the group workouts or do you think I need something more specific?
I am racing in the 70k Paris to Ancaster. It’s a multi surface race that includes lots of mud at the end of April, so maybe doing 3 months with your group was my initial thoughts. I’ll be racing my single-sided so will need some lo g lost strength.
I will also be ramping up my swims and runs over the next little while.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you

HI @Dmitche the group plan would be perfect for your April race, and that’s coming up quickly here in 8 weeks. I am not a triathlon/multisport coach, so would not be able to give you specifics on how to structure your overall training. Having said that, it is possible to use the group coaching workouts to prepare for Ironman and Triathlon, but you would need to know how to ramp up volume on the bike. @vivian.a.workman is a multisport athlete and has been training with us for a while.

@Dmitche I usually race a few Tri’s per year and follow the TriDot training plan with the exception of the bike.
I’ve found the 360 Velo workouts line up well with the training and touch on similar workouts. What I really like is instead of doing say a 2x12’ threshold workout it’s broken down to more focused intervals of varying cadences.
I still extend my rides and usually get in a few longer ones outside before event.
With TriDot my longest rides leading up to a 70.3 were under 4 and mostly in the 2.5-3.