Garmin/Training Peaks

Does anyone have Garmin Edge connected to Training Peaks? Trying to take advantage of unseasonably warm weather in Colorado by doing a workout outside. Does it work pretty well? Does it “alert you” of cadence/power changes? Thanks!!

I have a Garmin Edge connected to TP and it works really well. I have the free version of TP and I don’t have a power meter, but it does my HR and cadence numbers just fine.


@Marmen21 I have the Bolt and it works fine with TP - i use it when i travel to cue my workouts when i have to use gym bikes and can’t connect Zwift - I’m usually working out early am and having to do the math in my head doesn’t always work out well :upside_down_face:

I did figure out recently (finally) that in order to get it to synch, you need to be on a WiFi that does not require an extra login through a web browser, so if I’m traveling and at a hotel, i basically have to run my phone as a hotspot so I can synch it up.

My plan is to get a power meter for IRL next year so I can see watts along with cadence IRL.

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Colorado?!?!? We have a couple other ladies here too!!

@mpatton, yes, I live in Lafayette! Where are you?

I am in Louisville!!


We should try to connect sometime!


I have an Edge 820. It connects with Training Peaks well, but I don’t like using workout mode on the Garmin - it gives you power and time in workout mode but not cadence. If you figure out a way around this let me know! I’ve been doing my workouts outside the old fashioned way - in regular mode and pushing the lap button for intervals.

The garmin 820 can, as the 520 I have, show multiple data fields, you can custome make what you want to be shown by adjusting profiles… but of course there has to be a source to pull cadence from. I dont remember how you adjust data fields but “profiles” is where you do it. I have different profiles; “trailriding mtb”, “indoor” (I dont use it indoor though) " cx" etc