Getting back to it after the flu 🤒

What is your strategy for getting back into your workouts after the flu? I have been down for the count for the last week- five days of fever, chills, aches, the works! I managed to get outside and walk for 20 minutes yesterday. It’s 50 in Chicago and I’m thinking about just doing an easy neighborhood bike ride today. I’ve missed 3 workouts this week and am not feeling super strong. How would you handle this week’s workouts? Try to get through them? Lower FTP? Keep FTP the same and go as long as possible?


Last time my husband had the flu, real flu, not man flu, it took him a couple weeks to get back. Maybe a recovery week workout? For the week?

It does happen to be a recovery week in my training plan, so I can probably do that as is. I’ll give it a go.

I am no expert but I like what @Gossimrr said about starting with a recovery week provided you are truly over it. Training when sick can be dangerous. Also, I am sure this changes as we age but I know it was for sure true for me when I was under forty and training for triathlons, you don’t lose any fitness in two weeks. It’s all mental.

@NUGirl get an easy ride ion first and see how you feel. Then you could start with a recovery week as others have said. Please make sure you are hydrating really well.


It was too nice not to be outside today, so I just walked for 40 minutes. I’ll try an easy ride Inside tomorrow - while it snows again outside. I’m definitely still feeling it in my chest, so I don’t plan to do anything very intense until that goes away. I’m working on my water intake, too. Thank you!

I would go in zwift and ride the beginner blue zone workouts less than 1 hour. I found I could bridge pretty quickly back off of blue zone workouts. Look over the 6 week beginner FTP builder workouts.
Those workouts have a few minutes of blue zone than 1 minute of 1.0 FTP.

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