Gravel Grind- New road classification-“Serial Killer road”

Just finished a race called the Greasy Joe’s Gravel Grind. Calling it a 53 mile gravel grind is a misnomer as I have raced easier XC mtb trails. This was more like a 53mile cyclocross event. First 8 miles- 4 miles of sand (2-3 inches thick), 3 stream crossings and 2 climb over logs. Then then the climbs start and it got harder.
The breakdown of roads were 40% single track, 30% double track, 20% pavement, 10% serial killer roads ( those roads where killers drop off bodies so they are never found)
On the cross/gravel bike clement pdx tires worked really well. Especially loose sand, mud, roots, stream crossings. The downhills were loose rocks and sand. I would say, this was harder than Rasputista.
The endurance lab definitely has increased my strength and power. Doing the core exercises also have helped tremendously. Listening to the podcasts gave me a lot of information on skills, tactics and fueling on the bike.


Wow! Well done @Petals!

Thanks. It was like a 53 mile cyclocross course. It is very sandy in RI. There were a couple washed out roads (12-13% grade) that a Land Cruiser had trouble getting up! We helped an ATV that had gotten stuck.
This is put on by the team I ride for. The captain of the team is named Wacko! Many ride single speeds for their mtb, cross and gravel races. The gnarlier, the better. We put on the last cyclocross race for the season in our the area. It is not sanctioned, so its pretty crazy.
Here is the video of last years event. []

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The team captain is appropriately named! Hats off to you and you bike skills. Riding down a “B” road out here is scary for me and there aren’t even trees I have to carry my bike over!

That is quite a challenging race @Petals! Great achievement!