Group Workout meetup - Saturday

Hi team- who is interested in doing Saturday’s workout (Recovery Week Drills III) together on Zwift? I was thinking 8:00 AM Central start time. Please lmk!

If that’s 9 am my time I’d do it. I’ll just do a shorter meetup.

Oooof a bit early but count me in! I’m assuming this would be banded?

Oops… forgot I am out of town on Saturday so am doing that workout another day. Sorry will miss the fun

No worries @bkolden , we’ll have others. @Gossimrr is earlier or later better for you?

I’m an early bird on Saturdays and usually on the trainer before 7. But it looks like it’s a long workout so I’d be happy to meetup at 8 and finish the workout with y’all and then do some extra endurance :grinning:

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@Coach_Theia thats a good time. I’ll do an 1 1/2 meetup starting at 7:20 then meet up with you to do the WO. I ride 3 hours on Saturdays so I’ll love the company.

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Here is the link to join the meetup. If you would like to bring a friend, please have them email me

Hope you all have fun. We are taking our grandson to Kansas City for an overnight with just us to attend a Lego event and a tour of the football stadium. This is his 10th birthday present from us. Will be so much fun!


In case anyone needs this info - to join follow steps below:

  1. Accept Meetup invite in Companion App

  2. Have your workout uploaded to Zwift before you start the Zwift app

  3. Log in on Zwift 10-15 min earlier than scheduled time and join the event/meetup (a prompt will show up on screen)

  4. Once you join the meetup, follow the steps described in the attached post under “ONE STEP MAGIC”
    Group workouts via Zwift Meetups? This hack makes it easy! | Zwift Insider

So sorry, too early west coast and have a Saturday commitment too. ENJOY! Missing you all :slight_smile:

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I plan to join - i don’t get back home from my trip until probably midnight so we’ll see what i ride as I have pure barre at 10 and will want to clean up in between.
I can tell I’ve walked a lot and it’s gotten warm and humid - my knee still stiffens a little if i walk and then sit for awhile. I’m hopeful when I’m back to a more normal schedule that the anti-inflammatory will start to make a difference. I will need to go see the ortho i think as they found osteoarthritis on the xray

we have a bit of a problem. I have to create a meet up instead of an event. Please ignore the event link and find the meet up in your Companion app. Once you join the meet up, bring your workout in like the steps I described.

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you have to unselect event So you can join the meet up instead - I tried to cancel it, but it’s not canceling

I’m sorry I missed it! I ended up having some technical problems and missed the 30 minute window to join the meetup. I checked the 360 Velo discord channel to see if any of you were on when I finally got it together. Did you end up chatting somehow?

So much fun riding with everyone this morning!

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It was so fun, thanks to all who joined! Let’s do it again!

@adm0629 we missed you! We were chatting on screen, but next time it will probably be a good idea to have discord.


Let’s do another one next Saturday! Who’s in? What’s everyone preferred time? I know it’s hard to find a convenient time for everyone… so I’ll do my best here.

Meetup + Workout Saturday, March 23, 2024:

  • 8 AM Central/ 9 AM Eastern / 13:00 UTC
  • 9 AM Central / 10 AM Eastern / 14:00 UTC
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Sorry I missed last weekend. My brother and niece were here for the weekend. I’m hoping to make the 24th.


Thanks for joining today’s meetup! Unless something comes up on the family front, I’ll plan to setup another one for Saturday, 4/30 (Limit Lifters workout) at the same time.

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