Headphones and Mic for Live Stream


That would be interesting that you guys who use headphone and mic post about what products you use and what’s your recommendation for our setup when we want to go Live.

Other subject like this could be create about Camera or PC, or software used to broadcast…



There is a row on this page for streaming items. https://www.teamodz.com/alinks/ I think most have migrated to these items. I just got my yeti time to set it up.


I use the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones along with the Blue Yeti and a Logitec HD 920 camera.


I will add, I have never streamed live. Just captured the last 1k in the Ebb or a bit of a workout then posted it.


I use the Trekz Titanium Bluetooth headphones and a Blue Yeti Mic. Think my webcam is a Logitech 922.


For live streaming I use the Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone (broadcaster’s mic, expensive but just amazing), a Logitech streaming camera (Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam 1080P Camera for HD Video Streaming & Recording At 60Fps (960-001176), and simple earbuds. With the complex set up we have, bluetooth headphones was a nightmare.

As far as software, I use VMix.


I use the same as Mitch.


Just one more comment. We use Adobe Audition with Adaptive Noise Reduction. That does on the fly noise removal, sound leveling, deessing, compression, and a few other things. It’s CPU intensive and causes a 4 to 15fps delay in the audio. You need to delay the video to match the audio. And, that delay seems to change over time. No idea why. Our basement is so noisy, we have no choice but to use this software. We have a herd of elephants that play above us (2 kids and a dog). I’ve tried sounds gates but they don’t work with our noise level. I don’t recommend Audition unless you have lots of noise and want high-quality audio. Happy to elaborate if anyone wants more info.


@anon81234147 @anon30517170 how do you guys deal with noise suppression? Do you just use a sound gate in Voicemeeter? And when the mic opens up it just picks up the fan noise?

Also, I was watching a vmix training video and they indicted USB mics require a 80ms delay. Meaning, the audio arrives 80ms faster than the video when using a USB mic. Do you add in this delay?


I had a go at streaming today, just testing but I can’t get the mic to come through or any music either. I have discord and spotify playing without any problems when recording but not while streaming.
any ideas folks?
and I’ll say it already if I get an answer it will probably baffle me anyway.


I just use Voicemeter Banana and turn the gain all the way down on the mic. As for the delay, I have no idea what you are talking about. I just do what Chris Haskell and @eric tell me to do. Seriously, I am a sheep when it comes to OBS and my setup. Baaaa.


Please refer to my reply to Drew. I am of little help, but @eric is a good start for answers.


Noise suppression is a major PITA with a gen1 kickr. I turn the gain all the way down on the mic itself (yeti), so I have to be very close to speak which helps quite a bit… but it’s only so much. I also run my audio through Reaper with some suppression and other filters which helps a little too… but it’s still very difficult to get the whine out of the audio. Fan noise is much easier because it’s constant… kickr noise changes with speed, so it’s impossible to notch it out. So yeah, when my mic opens it picks up the other stuff, but it’s the best I can do. Interesting thing is the built in audio suppression and gate from Discord is very good, so the audio chatter into the voice channel is actually better than my OBS streaming feed.

I have noticed my audio doesn’t sync exactly… that 80ms might be the answer! I’ll have to mess around with it sometime. Good idea.

Yeah @Kev-stephen, like Ian says I used Banana to mix all the audio to/from the correct sources. It’s actually a little bit complicated to get running correctly. Easy enough to think through it all… but in practice, it may drive you batty at first. Once it’s setup it rocks though… other than when Windows Update decides to nuke all your audio settings and resets everything. :slight_smile:


Ya I learned about that from watching a vmix advanced audio video on youtube. The USB audio arrives about 80ms before the video. So you need to delay the audio by 80ms. I suspect that might be different computer to computer and mic to mic. So maybe test it out on your setup.


Drew - I use he basic settings in OBS for the mic to get rid of background noise. I’m on a Kurt Kinetic classic trainer and my fan is blowing from under a table that the computer and monitors sit on. Mic is set up to only capture noise in front of the mic. I’m usually about 3 feet away from the mic while riding.


Nice - I would like to get rid of Adobe Audition. I’ve been looking at various plugins… Audition is tough to manage.



vmix and OBS allow for vst3 plugins. waves.com has a great selection of plugins. They have a broadcast selection that looks good, but you can buy an individual plugin.

Here is the broadcast studio:https://www.waves.com/bundles/broadcast-production

There are several noise reduction plugins. Here is one that people seem to like: https://www.waves.com/plugins/z-noise

I’m going to try these out and report back.