Hip pain after workout

Hi Coach Theia- I wanted to see if you recommend any particular stretches for my hips and glutes? With some of the longer workouts I’ve been doing this month, I’ve noticed some hip pain after I finish and tightness.


Hi Val,

Is the pain muscle soreness (as in, when you work the muscles hard), or something else? How long does the pain linger? Also, where exactly in the hips?

Depending on your answers, my recommendation will be to NOT stretch and/or something else…


Hi Theia- It started immediately after I finished my short climbs (A.2.1) workout on Monday this past week. It hurt that day as I walked around and I did several glute and hip stretches that day to loosen it up and it felt better. Now it isn’t a pain but more a tightness that I feel during my workouts and afterwards on the top of my left hip towards my groin. Just feels like I need to loosen the muscles, and during my race today it felt extra tight during the climbing sections

Hi Val, so it sounds like muscle soreness and not joint pain, but I am not able to tell for sure just from our exchange here… Muscle soreness usually comes from working the muscle harder than you have in the past. Muscle soreness can also be a response from those muscles, contracting to protect a major joint (or joints). In either case, I would advise to not stretch, as stretching might feel good in the moment, but it could actually cause further “damage”. Therefore I’d let it rest to recover.

More often than not it simply means that you need to strengthen those muscles. But again, it is not possible for me to assess with accuracy what exactly is happening in the joint/muscles…

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One other comment, A.2.1 has quite a bit of high cadence and increasing cadence from low to high, so you probably got the soreness from having to do more work on the upstroke for those-- something most people are not used to doing.

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Thanks so much! It was feeling better this morning during my workout so hopefully will continue to not bother me. Really appreciate your help!

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