How to apply your training plan to TrainingPeaks and connect to Zwift

Awesome, Bonnie! I will post a tracker tomorrow or Monday for everyone to log in that they completed the workouts. Stay tuned…

Hello, super excited to get started with this challenge. One question. I have a 64km Road race on Saturday lunchtime, so not sure which day I should do the Thursday session. Friday morning I have yoga. Cheers!!!

Hi @susannelindsey - I would do the workouts on Monday and Wednesday and take Thu and Fri easy/off.

Hi @Coach_Theia I do bootcamp Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat mornings which encompasses most if not all of the core workouts you’ve posted - I guess Bootcamp can count as the core workouts? I’m thinking about dropping the Tuesday morning Bootcamp for the time being so I’m fresher for the Tues cycling :slight_smile:

Yes, the bootcamp can count as the core. However, that sounds like a heavy workload. How many times/week (and total hours) have you been cycling on top of Bootcamp? And were you doing intensity workouts on the bike?

Hi @Coach_Theia I’ve been going to bootcamp for 6 years now - they vary in intensity, sometimes hard and sometimes quite easy, all depending on what we’re working on. As for cycling, I’m pretty new. I bought a road bike last July/August and did a few rides IRL and then a trainer around October and subscribed to Zwift. I did the FTP builder (?) and a few rides and then this year I’ve joined in with the Tour de Zwift, Specialized Mixtape Workouts, and now Tour of Watopia. I’ve done a couple of group rides and a couple of workouts ie Poggio Simulation and 3 x 13 min climbs. Now the weather is getting better I like to go out for a longer ride at the weekend and I’m trying to build up how long I can stay in the saddle - my longest ride is 47 miles. I generally ride twice a week on the trainer (these usually last around 1 hour each) and one long ride IRL (weather permitting).
I am thinking of dropping the Tues Bootcamp and also could drop the Saturday - that would mean I wouldn’t be exercising twice in one day? Grateful for any advice you have, thanks :slight_smile:

@watsonsue, sounds like you have been able to layer in cycling on top of bootcamp in a way that works for you-- am I correct? Do you feel you get enough recovery and are seeing progress?

You know your body better than anyone else… so see how you feel. On “paper”, I’d recommend not doubling up on workouts (bootcamp + intense cycling workout), and also please pay attention to how you are recovering. It’s through recovery that the body adapts and gets stronger.

Thanks, I forgot to mention I do Bootcamp and yoga on Mondays. I will fit it in there somewhere. Next week will be back to normal.

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@Coach_Theia It has been working out ok at the moment - sometimes my legs are tired from BC when we’ve done an intense legs session but once I warm up on the bike they don’t feel too bad. I am seeing progress on the bike, my FTP has gone up steadily (if that’s a gauge to use). My biggest hurdle is staying comfortable in the saddle. I usually have to double up workouts to fit it all in but I think for this challenge I will try to avoid that. Really looking forward to getting started. Many thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Workout 1 completed! Very easy exercises but effective, nice to do them early in the morning before going to work!

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Hi @Coach_Theia - I received an email from you welcoming me to participate in the challenge. I set up a Training Peaks account and connected to Zwift right away, but I have not received the workouts. I have checked my junk folders and don’t see anything. Please let me know how to proceed.

@NUGirl please send me a direct message confirming the email you used to set up your TrainingPeaks account. Thanks.

Hi! Hate to be a pain but I’ve set up TP, done the connections to Zwift, moved the Tuesday workout to today (Monday) but it’s not showing up in Zwift!

Troubleshooting suggestions? I’ve checked both my AppleTV and my iPhone and it’s not there.

Thanks and sorry…

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Did you try rebooting everything? Powering off devices and re-starting to see if it shows up?

Hi Theia, I’m having problems finding my calendar on Training Peaks on the computer. It shows on my phone, but I don’t think I’d be able to move the workouts if I need to on my phone. My account is set to open on the calendar, but it opens on the upload workouts page. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong or missing? Thank you.

If you have computer access you just need to go to the TrainingPeaks website and log in ( It is not an app per se (so you won’t have it downloaded into your computer), it’s done through their website. Hope this answers your question.

@DottieG I had this same problem until I realised you need to select “do this later” which is at the bottom of that page and it will then take you to another screen which says “continue later”, press yes and it will then take you to the calendar. I have to do this every time, haven’t worked out how to go straight to the calendar yet :grinning:

Is there a way of getting yesterday’s workout today. I wasn’t able to do it yesterday and wanted to do it tonight? Will it still by in Zwift?

Hi coach,

I’ve got an issue with my zwift on my mac and the training. It’s updated but I don’t see the training in zwift. When I login with my iphone I’ll the workout. The ERG mode constantly turns on so that’s why I terminated the first exercise because I was totally annoyed after 20 min… do you have an explanation for my macbook? Thanks!


@nmackay00 you should be able to drag the workout to today with your mouse. But do that when Zwift is turned off completely, then restart Zwift after you make the change.

@khuntjens are you able to do the workout using your iphone but it does not show up on the Mac? Not sure what the issue could be as I don’t use a Mac. Maybe others here have some insights? There is some info here.

Alternatively, you could download the workout to your computer from TrainingPeaks and upload it into Zwift, as follows: “ Export Workout File” button in TrainingPeaks , choose to export the workout as a ZWO file. On your computer, find your Zwift Workouts file folder (Documents/ Zwift / Workouts ) and drag and drop the ZWO file into the Workouts folder. Then open Zwift and click on “Select Workout ” at the top.