How to apply your training plan to TrainingPeaks and connect to Zwift

Once you receive the plan, click “Accept”, then go to TrainingPeaks to apply the plan to your calendar. Here is a link explaining how to apply your training plan to your calendar and connect it with Zwift:

Once the workouts are on your calendar, and if you connected Zwift with TrainingPeaks, the workout will show up on Zwift under the “workouts” menu ON THE SAME DAY you have them on your TrainingPeaks calendar. So, for example, Tuesday’s workout will only show up in Zwift on Tuesday.

If you have the Basic edition of TrainingPeaks, you can move workouts on your schedule, but only by dragging future ones to the current day/week. You may do that by simply clicking and dragging them to the day you want. So for example, you can drag a workout shown on Sunday to today.

Please make sure to have the workouts on the day you want to do them in TrainingPeaks so they show up in Zwift!


I have received requests from some of you via TrainingPeaks to be added as your coach. However, this is not necessary for me to share the plan with you. I will be emailing the plans to each one of you as described above, so that you can apply the plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar.

There is a cost per athlete that adds me as a coach in TrainingPeaks, and as such, I only use it for paying members.

Hope this clarifies.

@pilinkaba @grace

Is there any way to get the workouts into Zwift without them having to be scheduled for specific days? My schedule is erratic enough that I don’t always plan workout days ahead of time (although maybe I should?) :wink:
How long are the workouts in general?

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Hi Stacy- you are able to move the workouts on your TrainingPeaks calendar to the day you want them to show up in Zwift, as explained above. So for example, if a workout is scheduled for Tuesday and you want to do them on Monday, you can simply move it to Monday and it will be available in Zwift on that day. Is that what you had in mind?

The workouts are 60-75 minutes.

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Workout plans have been shared and can now be applied to your calendars!

Many of you do not yet have a TrainingPeaks account and therefore I was not able to share the plan with you! As you create your TP account, please send me your email via private message and I will share the plan with you.

Hi Coach Theia, A quick question about moving workout to a different day: is that a premium training peak feature only (and not available on the basic free plan)? (Sorry for the basic question as this is my first time using training peak).

Thank you! Excited to get started. I am happy to stick to the plan BUT have been doing the TOW and would like to ride stage 7. I think I read no long rides BUT I really want to finish the tour. Should I sub it for one of the workouts and if so is there one that is better to sub out? I promise to follow the rules after the TOW is done :slight_smile:

Same here - if we ride Watopia #7 do we perhaps need to just ride 2 of the 3 cycling challenge workouts that week?

Than you @Coach_Theia, very easy! I’m traveling a lot in Europe next week and I’ll be able to follow the workout only on tuesday; saturday I’ll ride outside (hopefully, if it will stop raining…). It will be only that week, I’m sorry it’s the first one. :frowning:

Hi @Coach_Theia I’ve received the email and accepted the plan. I created a Training Peaks account but I’m not seeing the home page and calendar and can’t see the workout. I am completely new to Training Peaks (you’ll never have guessed lol) and at a loss as to what to do… many thanks for any help or advice please :smile:

Grace, with a basic account you can move workouts on your schedule, but only by dragging future ones to the current day/week. You may do that by simply clicking and dragging them to the day you want. So for example, you can drag a workout shown on Sunday to today. You can also move past workouts to the current day. The only thing you can’t do is move workouts to the future.


HI Carrie and @DottieG - of course you may ride the TOW. Sub for one workout if you are not used to the higher training load. If you are used to riding several times/week, you may be able to do 3 workouts + TOW, it all depends on your current level of fitness and how hard you have been training. As for which workout to sub, please see instructions here:

Did you read the link above (how to apply your Training Plan)? It shows how to put it in your calendar.

That’s fine, remember you can do the workouts on any day of the week.

It’s ok now - got it all sorted out thanks :slight_smile: I needed to click “do it later” to move me forward to the next screen :see_no_evil:

I accidentally deleted Monday’s core workout. Is there a way to get it back? Sorry. I am new to TP and not very tech savvy.

Hi- ooops no, no way to get it back, but the good news is, it is also on the calendar on Wed and Friday, so you can just refer to those.

Last question, I promise! I see day 1 on monday is a 15 minutes floor routine workout, how do I set it to “finished” once done?

Thank you, @Coach_Theia!

Number 1 is done and dusted! The hardest part was navigating my way through Training Peaks, LOL. JK, it was a good workout. Loved the variety.

What happens now? Should I monitor Training Peaks for feedback or anything?

TIA, Bonnie

When you open the workout, under the column “Completed” you can enter the time it took you to complete, then save.