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I don’t have access yet either!

Where is Training Peaks get our zones for the work outs. Right now mine are all set to default.

I accepted the training plan but nothing in my training peaks??

@Sarahc from my side I see that you have access… did you try clicking on the link above? If that does not work, please let me know.

@Ludweig all you need to do is enter your FTP in TrainingPeaks under your profile. You do not need to change the training zones, as the workouts will automatically calculate the target watts for the intervals based on your threshold. Hope this helps.

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I don’t have access…

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welcome to all the October Challenge Members!!!
I started with the challenge at the end of May and enjoyed it so much I stuck around and I’ve totally seen improvement in my cycling over the past 4 months.
Best advice i have for you all is the following:

  • listen to @Coach_Theia when she tells us recovery days are important
  • try not using ERG mode - and don’t go back to it - you’ll learn more about your abilities that way, trust me - i was reluctant but now i’m a believer - i did all of ZA without it
  • dont worry about getting stars - i know we’re programmed to watch those from Zwift WOs but trust me, Coach doesn’t care if we hit them or not, its about focusing on the things that are in that WO -
  • watch Coach’s videos before you do the WO - she explains the intent and the nuances that you don’t get just from the WO script and it helps a lot
  • while the routes are essentially flat while in WO mode, think about what will impact you mentally while doing a ride - for me, if its a tough WO or I’m feeling not 100%, i still pick a flatter route as seeing the mph drop to nothing still impacts my mental approach to the WO
  • and lastly, just have fun!!!

Thanks for posting this @PaleGail!!

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can you pls add me to the private group, thanks.