Women Cycling Challenge Members

Hello Women Cycling Challenge participants! If you do not yet have access to the private group here in the forum, please reply below and I will add you. Thank you and Welcome!!


@Coach_Theia I think I don’t have it… cheers

Just added you!

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I don’t think I have access either. Please add me. Otherwise I’m set and good to go! Thanks.

Yes, you should be able to see the Women’s Challenge category and posts… please click on the link above and let me know if not…

Well geez. It didn’t work a minute ago, and now it does! Magic. Thank you!

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I don’t have access yet either!

Where is Training Peaks get our zones for the work outs. Right now mine are all set to default.

I accepted the training plan but nothing in my training peaks??

@Sarahc from my side I see that you have access… did you try clicking on the link above? If that does not work, please let me know.

@Ludweig all you need to do is enter your FTP in TrainingPeaks under your profile. You do not need to change the training zones, as the workouts will automatically calculate the target watts for the intervals based on your threshold. Hope this helps.

@Megga please see this post.

I don’t… please add me :slight_smile:

Add me please :slight_smile:

@Katipo and @Snowmagnolia you are in!


HI! I’m still not added, thanks.

@Britt done!

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I don’t have access…

Looks like I need to be added to that group also, thanks!

@laura.e.shields and @rochelag done!

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@amparker done!!

Please add me to the private group, Thanks. Mslbennett25@gmail.com