Kokopelli Trail 140 MTB Race

Well, a “friend” just convinced me to sign up for this event. It’s the Kokopelli Trail 140 mile one-day MTB Race. The race is from Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah. https://www.kokopelli100.com/

Here is a short blurb from the organizers:

For decades the Kokopelli Trail has served as the benchmark of mountain bike and ultra trail running excellence. Stretching 144 miles from Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah, this iconic and historic trail where dinosaurs once walked bridges the two greatest outdoor communities in the world. Now you can ride and run the 104 & 144 miles of the Kokopelli fully supported in one of seven different mountain bike or ultra marathon races or relays. Join Kokopelli 100/140 MTB & ULTRA Founder Mark Jensen and Director of Training Dan Wilcox for an inspiring discussion on the legendary Kokopelli Trail and proper training, nutrition and equipment needs for your first 100 mile mountain bike or ultra marathon event. Participants will receive a complimentary training plan, equipment list, tips and tidbits on the world’s most iconic MTB and ULTRA trail and the opportunity to receive a free SPOT GPS tracking device ($150 value) by signing up for the Kokopelli 100/140.

Here is the route:

And here is a short promo video:

Figured I would start a discussion here in hopes we could talk about race prep, tire selection, and training.

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Wow! Sounds like an amazing race! Good luck!

I used to live in Moab and if you’re not ready for this trail you’re going to suffer. There are parts that are flowy and fun and parts that are extremely technical with death on the right…kudos if you can do it. The most technical stuff is at the end of the trail when you’re tired. Be careful not to get hurt. SAR has an extremely hard time accessing much of this last 10 miles. Not trying to scare you, just giving you some info.

Great… the wife sure is scared

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Sorry…I saw too many people come to Moab with too much bravado and end up seriously injured because they weren’t prepared. It’s not meant to scare, it’s meant to prepare. It’s serious out there. I rode out there for 10 years and never got hurt, but it could have happened anytime - especially if I got cocky or tired. It’s doable, but ride within your abilities and not those around you.

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yep - My goal is to finish with my friend. I’ve seen the videos. It’s technical and dangerous. With serious ledges and drops. I’ve ridden sections of it 20 years ago. It’s no joke. The weather conditions are sketchy. Starts at midnight. 7 hours in the dark.

I’m safe and steady. AND need to practice.

sounds like at least 3 trips out to Moab before the event to me!

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