L39ION Crit Race Footage

This is some amazing race footage. If nothing else, watch how much they pull up on the pedal stroke. You can see it in the body and hip movements. I would venture to guess they are gaining 50w or more by pulling this hard.


This is maybe a silly question but is pulling up -watts measured with PM devices? I have this idea that tpower pedals for instance, measure the load pushed down into the pedal but I am probably way off here :smiley:

That is actually a very good question. I know on the crank and hub based power meters it measures it. Same with flywheel trainers. Not sure about the pedals. I will search around and see what I find.

You might want to try yourself. Do two test: one with pulling and one without and see what the power meter says. You should see a noticeable difference in power when you pull.

Looks like the power pedals will measure upstroke too. In fact Garmin has a term for it - Power Phase. The Garmins can tell you what percent of the power is coming from what phase of the pedal stroke.

@Coach_Theia Let’s find that podcast on Fast Talk (I think) where they discuss pedal efficiency. I think you shared it with me. It was a very technical discussion on this topic. It might be worth summarizing the findings.