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We provide insights and guidance related to cycling, fitness, and nutrition in a way that is relevant and practical. We also offer coaching for cyclists of all levels.

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Hello All! If you are not already, and would like to, please follow 360 VELO on Instagram and/or Facebook! I will start posting more information on those channels going forward :blush: Also planning for new videos on Youtube. Thank you!


@Coach_Theia - Any word about when you’ll be able to create a 360 VELO club on Zwift?!

@adm0629 do you mean a team?

@Coach_Theia No - like Club Jarvis. Where we can all be members and create Meetups and invite all members, etc. I thought maybe you heard about a release date.

Ah got it- from what I heard in the latest Zwiftcast (interview with Eric Min), it will probably take longer than expected as they have some other priorities.

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Interesting, so its working for Zwift teams but not other clubs yet?