Membership Sign-up Information


The membership signup link is now active on the website!

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of these.


Hi Theia,
I’m trying to signup but when I click the link (or on the membership menu) I get the “about us” page.

Not sure if it’s only me but I can’t find where to sign up.


@Covi that’s odd. Maybe there is something funky with the mobile version of the site. I will check on that. We had others sign up through desktops or laptops without problems, and the link seems to be working as I just checked them on my computer.

I’ll get back to you.


I think the problem is with mobile phones only. I just registered using an iPad and everything worked fine!


Yes, I saw your order come through and also had the same issue when using my phone. It’s crazy how much work goes into technology… Thanks for your understanding. we’ll have that fixed soon.


Is there another thread for those of us that will continue with training?


Yes, it’s under “members”- there is a weekly thread to discuss workouts, and the other categories for miscellaneous topics such as training, gear, nutrition etc


I have just signed up! Back to the bike tomorrow. Looking forward to carrying on. Thank you coach.