Meshing training plan with current racing schedule

Hi again Coach Theia. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

I race with my team Tuesdays and Thursdays and I lead a zone 2 group ride on Monday evenings for team practice. Now that I know how to move things around, I’m at a loss as to incorporate the training plan into my current racing schedule. I know it’s not a good idea in the long term to do hard sessions on consecutive days, be that racing or workouts.

@SaraBZ what has been your schedule up until now- meaning, what other rides/workouts have you been doing along with your races + Z2 every week (duration and intensity)?

I finished up a 2-week endurance block last week. Tour of Boudicca is this Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Zwift racing league starts up 1/12 and the usual TTT on Thursday’s start again this week. Monday is my easy(er) day since I keep the group to zone 2 while we practice drafting.

I’d be willing to sign up for personal coaching as I know personalizing each training plan to suit our needs is work.

What was the endurance block like? No workouts? How many hours/week on the bike? Also, how many days completely off a week? Sorry for all the questions, but want to give you some helpful general guidelines.

Following as I also race ZRL, WTRL and am doing TdB. I’m thinking I will only do either Tuesday or Thursday race in January so I can do the programme to best effect.

I usually ride between 120-140 miles a week and kept up with that mileage, with mostly zone 1/2 for the block. I take one day per week off completely.

@SaraBZ and @Kmascia sorry this post got buried and I haven’t answered right away. If you are racing TdB, I would recommend doing only one of the workouts this week. If it is not too late, would be best to take Wed and Thu off, and do a light spin/openers Thu.

If you race twice a week, on Tue and Thu, that only leaves 1 or (maybe) 2 days for workouts- and those would be done on Sat/Sun. Need to be very careful though on how you are recovering. Mon off, Wed light spin, Fri off would be my recommendation without having more knowledge of your numbers, profile, etc.

Also- please read this post about Zwift racing and training.

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Hi Theia. Up until the end of zwift racing league and Christmas, I was racing 2-3 times a week with mostly zone 2 mileage in the remaining days. Between 12/21 and Jan 3, I logged 305 miles as an endurance block, with maybe one or 2 races in there. I ride most days, for sanity reasons.

I did the climbing repeats workout Tuesday, I’ll ride stage 1 of tdz tonight, then TTT Thursday evening. The Itt for tour of Boudicca is Friday night, where I’ve been advised to keep my effort below 2.5- so I don’t cat up before the races this weekend. I’ve gone from D up to C to now D/almost C, not because my ftp increased (it’s 189) but because I lost 12 lbs recently.

Once Zwift Racing league starts up again, I’ll be racing Tuesday and Thursday only, with workouts on the weekends.

That’s my plan anyway.

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I did the first workout last Saturday and the second workout today. I’ve done no other workouts in between because of work being crazy this week. TdB Friday thru Sunday and I will go full out as just upgraded to C. I will miss the Saturday workout. I have said I will not race ttt on Tuesday. May swap one of my plan workouts next week for Thursday ttt. Then I plan to race Tuesday ttt or Thursday ttt (not both) and substitute one of the weekly workouts.

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Thanks for the link Coach_Theia. Very interesting advice on racing and it’s incorporation into training.

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