Mountain Bike Purchase on Zwift?

I am at Level 14 on Zwift and have purchased everything that has been suggested on Zwift Insider ‘what to buy’…anyone have recommendations on whether or not to purchase a Mountain Bike frame & tires?

I may have just answered my own question. I just read on Zwift Insider that you have to unlock by riding a certain course in under 12 minutes. Has anyone done this?

I think they are referring to the course where you need to steer. I have done it, took me about 10 tries but it was fun. I think everyone has access to a basic mountain bike these days though so you might want to check your garage. I think you can buy one in the drops shop too. I seem to recall about a week after I unlocked the bike on the course Zwift made one available to everyone because they changed the drag on the dirt roads to advantage mountain bikes.


It’s the repack ridge. Head up Titans grove and it will be on your right. You change to a mountain bike auto here. I do not think you can win the bike unless you steer.
Check with Zwift insider to see which bike performs the best on dirt areas (or jungle). I though it would be the gravel, which I believe is still tops for the flats but the spark and specialized are the best overall and on the jungle course.