MTB Tire Selection for Kokopelli Trail race

So I reached out to Rebecca Rusch to ask about the all-important tire selection for the Kokopelli Trail. Looks like she used the Maxxis Ikon. I’ll be trying them out and will report back.

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Great tires. I’m a huge fan of Schwable Racing Ralph’s or Rocket Ron’s. I use 29x2.35 Ralphs on my single speed and 27.5 x 3.0 Rocket Ron’s on my Specialized Fuze mid fat. I use the same tire front an back and don’t believe in different treads and different sizes for front and back.

The tires are light, nimble but can be delicate. I run both bikes tubeless.

Thx for the feedback. A friend has experience with this tire:

He was thinking about running this on the front and the iKon on the back. Any thoughts on that?