New Strava Club - now for members only

Hi team! I have decided to delete the existing 360 VELO Strava club and create a new one for members only. That way we can see and follow everyone who is a member more easily. The former club had too many riders not affiliated with us and I was frustrated trying to find each one of you to see your activities and cheer you on! I will be sending invites to the new club shorlty.


There are some people I am not able to invite… I wonder whether that’s because they are not following me maybe? If you have not received an invite, please see if you can request to join:

I click on that and it says no record found. I did not get an invite

Thank you @Coach_Theia
The link worked!

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@bkolden your name does not come up when I try to add you, even though we are following each other. I wonder if this has to do with some kind of privacy setting on your account? Same with @nina @AnnieG @Marmen21 @mhaarhues @SaraBell I can’t find/add them.

I only have the free Strava and not a paid account. I did log on and followed you. Did that help the situation at all?

I found the club and sent a request to join. I have my privacy settings so that people have to request to follow me, to avoid all the men from 30 to 80 who otherwise decide to follow and message and whatnot… didn’t think this would prevent club requests, though.

I got you @SaraBell and @nina!!

@Coach_Theia that’s odd. Maybe my settings but I think I sent a request to join? Let me know if that didn’t work. I didn’t think I had my settings to anything weird

all set @bkolden!

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Hopefully that’s the hardest thing we have to do today!! :laughing:

thank you for doing this - I just sent a request - (annie g)

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After a year of rehab and fun, I’m coming back to training. Is this strava group still active?


yay!! Yes the strava group is still there.

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