Oura Ring recs?

Anyone have it and can comment? https://ouraring.com/meet-oura

I don’t have it but heard good things about it. In fact, have been meaning to look into it. I think it can be really helpful in understanding your own trends.

My only reservation is that I tend to feel the way the gadget tells me I should feel. I had a sleep tracking app and on the days I felt fine but the app said I had poor sleep, I started to feel tired. I know it sounds silly, but it’s a mental hurdle I need to learn to manage.

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I got an Oura ring 2 months ago and have been using it daily. I am finding the information very insightful. Here is what I was able to gather so far:

  • I get better sleep on days that I eat protein before bed
  • I get more deep sleep (restorative/muscle-repairing) on the days that I either have OFF training or have an easier training day
  • No caffeine after 2 PM and no electronics 30 min-1h before bed = better sleep
  • My heart rate variability and resting heart rate show nicely how on the days I train very hard or have a long ride my body gets tired and it affects my “readiness” to train on the next day
  • My sleep is not as good and has lots of interruptions on the days leading up to my period. My body temperature is higher also on those days.

@Coach_Theia - do you think Oura would be open to a team discount? :pray:

@adm0629 I can try!