Outdoor riding? What's in your bag?

Yesterday, I did an outdoor group gravel ride. One of the riders got a flat tire. This should have been a quick 10 minute fix, but due to equipment failures, this took a lot longer.
This was a good reminder to restock my bag and make sure all is in working condition.
So- what do I carry?

  1. Multitool- make sure it has the tools you need for your bike. Common things to fix on bike- saddle height and angle, tighten cleat bolts, adjust brakes, dropper on mountain bike.
  2. Tube- carry at least one. If you have had the same one in your repair kit for over a year, make sure there are no holes in it. This is what caused our problem yesterday- the valve had rubbed a hole into the tube.
  3. Tire levers (2)- pedros like shown are easiest to use.
  4. Bike Pump- make sure it works. My lezyne pump was so oxidized, I could not get hose out of it. A little grease fixed this (after the fact).
  5. CO2 inflater and extra CO2 cartridges. Over time, the inflater nozzles clog or stop working. Unfortunately, yesterday was the day mine died. :sleepy:
  6. For gravel and mountain biking- chain tool, multlink, rear derailleur hanger.
  7. If tubeless- dynaplug or bacon strips, extra valve core, valve core removal tool, paper clip to unclog valve. Duct tape and a couple zip ties.
  8. Extra nutrition, hand wipe (optional), pair of nitrile gloves, chamois cream, extra cleat bolt, some lube and bandana round out my kit.

Many of these I have learned to carry from mechanicals I’ve had. The bandana is one of the most useful things to carry- you can use it to wash up, cool down, clean wounds, wipe dirty hands, splint broken bones, etc.

As outdoor riding season is coming upon us, take a day and restock, refill and check your kit.

What does everyone else carry?


This is a fantastic post @Petals and super helpful!! Thank you!!

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@Petals i love that you have all this. I also have extra stuff but now have to check it. My husband rides tubeless and has nothing. Nothing. Nothing just in case. “It’ll seal up”. Don’t get me started.

I still have to learn how to use the CO2 cartridge. I always carry a pump. You never k WO when old school will be needed.


Multitool, rag, tire levers, a bit of duck tape. And in addition to a pump and spare tube I also have a patch kit since I’ve had multiple flats on my road bike on really long rides. I also have a silver sharpie so I can mark the puncture on the tube when I find it. And band aids in case I need to be patched :smile:


I will do my first aid kit for mountain biking next :rofl:. Bigger wounds happen

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And that’s why @Petals mountain biking is not for me :laughing:

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Great post. Here in Phoenix you can pretty easily blow through 2-3 tubes on a road ride during goathead season, so most people I know who aren’t tubeless carry 2 tubes and a handful of CO2 cartridges along with levers. I’m tubeless and still carry a tube, patch kit, CO2, and levers. I need to get some bacon strips. I keep a tiny first aid kit in an altoids tin- a few bandaids, asprin, some single use packs of neosporin. Medication for myself if needed. Multi tool. Probably a few other things I’m forgetting.


I always get lots of flats in that area when I am there riding! One time it was the front tire going fast on a down hill- yikes!

I blew a back tire out descending a hill in Flagstaff as a pretty new road rider. I screamed, it sounded like a gunshot, but I didn’t crash.
My husband and I have blown as many as 5 tubes between us in a single ride.

You may need plugs bigger than bacon strips. Check with your bike shop what is best for your area. I now carry Dynaplugs. Stans makes a larger dart.