Pedal force imbalance

I’ve never really looked at the difference between the watt my right leg vs my left leg produces but looking at a race file (over 1 h riding) theres a difference. 53 % on the right, and 47 % in the left. I know the left leg is where i have the biggest hip problem and I am weaker in that leg. Is this just a thing that I should leave alone, or is it a significant difference. My plan is to go to a bike fitter, but will do it after I know the real diagnosis of my hip. Is there a thing like a normal % distribution of watts between the legs?

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@Silje that imbalance is pretty much universal. Very rarely someone is 50%-50%, and even then they might be even only at certain cadences and power. Your split isn’t worrisome in my opinion. Of ourse proper fit and muscle imbalances are two very important things to work on/keep in check. But otherwise an imbalance of 3%-5% is fine.