Playlist for Zwift and indoor cycling rides and workouts

Let’s put together a playlist with your favorite songs!! A 360 VELO playlist for those long rides or workouts on the trainer!! If you would like, please share your list here or via PM and I will assemble the playlist on Spotify and share with everyone!

I put together some lists a while back, so it needs updating :slight_smile:


I don’t have a spotify playlist because I use iTunes, but some of my favorites:

The Greatest/Sia
The King is dead but the queen is a live/Pink
So What/Pink
Hunt you down/Kesha
Born this way/Lady Gaga
Fight song/Rachel Platten


I’m an iTunes user as well but the most frequent songs on my workout playlist are:

Don’t be so hard on yourself - Jess Glynne
Shut up and dance - walk the moon
Titanium - David Guetta
Fight song - Rachel Platten
Breathe - Jax Jones
Sweet but psycho - Ava Max
Youngblood - 5 seconds of summer
High hopes - Panic! at the disco
Love will tear us apart - Joy Division

Quite an eclectic mix of songs and groups but I generally like something I can sing along to (and then find I can barely breathe when coach Theia has ramped up the effort in the workout) :woozy_face:


I’m pretty sure you don’t want to add in any of my songs - well, maybe Foo Fighters and Linkin Park are safe. I’m currently enjoying a friend’s playlist called ‘f*** off’ and loving it. I do like flipping through others’ playlists, though!


Haha! Those were my thoughts when I read the first post… I listen to Alternative bands from the 90s.


:rofl: I am sure I would like your list Angie! I don’t share my “dark list” either otherwise people might think I am crazy and run away from me :rofl::rofl: now seriously, my “black list” has some heavy electronica, techno, etc. otherwise I can’t get through the hard stuff.

Alternative bands from the 90s are cool @Covi! Although I fall more around the 80s. I love alternative, and listen to English bands from the Gothic-rock, post-punk eras… Then of course I have the Braziilian rock bands from the 80s and 90s.

Thanks Michelle and Stefanie!

I will put something together. Even though you have iTunes I think I can make a playlist in Spotify and share so you’d need the app but not have to pay for it. I’ll check.

PS - when driving, when I am not listening to podcasts, I listen to Bizet, Rimski-Korsakov and other favorite classics. Then for stretching and meditation I listen to the typical yoga/Sanskrit/Indian music. So I am all over the place with my music!!


Oh Michelle! I love Walk the Moon! I have that song on my playlist too as well as Work This Body.

I also have a number of Disco songs. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor is my favorite. Being from Minnesota I have to have a lot of Prince. Let’s Go Crazy is a good one. For high cadence C’mon Eileen by Save Ferris is awesome. And I probably have more Ricky Martin on my playlist than is healthy but hey, great beat. Here We Go is an especially good one.

I’ve some Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, and The Cure as well as Elvis and the Beatles. I have a few songs from a local punk band and a number of bluegrass songs from a local band called Trampled By Turtles. If you like bluegrass they are awesome :slight_smile:

I love classic music too @Coach_Theia. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi. Toss in some opera for good measure!


I listen to so many different types of music-
Here are some of my workout songs

Glorious - Macklemore
Live it Up - Nicky Jam, WillSmith, Era Istrefi
Let You Down - NF
I Can’t stop - Flux Pavilion
Alone - Marshmello
Youngblood - 5seconds of summer
Say Amen (Saturday Night) -Panic at the Disco
Runaway- Galantis

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I’m an 80s fan … will compile a list later today


I’m still mostly using the Mixtape Spotify lists but could use some variation - love the 80s as well!

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I used this playlist tonight…just did screen shot as too many to type out

Thanks Jo! I will add some of these to the collective list! My 10 y.o. daughter already added the other songs into a list now I just have to check her work :wink:

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Hi everyone!! Check out the new 360 Velo Cycling - Members Favorites playlist, including many of the songs above and a few more! Keep them coming and I will continue to add them to the playlist!


Super!!! Thank you!

Oh. My. Word. @Jojo listening to the playlist today and “Born to be Alive” comes on- wowowowow!!! So awesome!! I was born in 1972 so it’s hard to believe that song is from 1979 because I remember it perfectly! I didn’t even speak English at the time but could sing the lyrics. Thanks for reminding me of that song!