READ THIS if you are not receiving emails from the forum

We recently had a member who stopped receiving emails from the system and here is why.

I recently implemented a system that reports bounced emails back to the forum. If the system receives 4 bounces in a row it stops sending to that email for 30 days. BIG BRAIN!!!

To prevent this please whiitelist this email address:

If you are still not receiving messages let me know here or DM me. I can reset your email bounce score and things will start flowing again.


@dfriestedt I have stopped receiving them.

@dfriestedt i keep forgetting to tell you I’m not getting the emails - might’ve been my email that caused it as it was close to max the other week

@PaleGail I reset your bounce score. They should start coming now. LMK if that is not the case. thx!