READ THIS if you are not receiving emails from the forum

We recently had a member who stopped receiving emails from the system and here is why.

I recently implemented a system that reports bounced emails back to the forum. If the system receives 4 bounces in a row it stops sending to that email for 30 days. BIG BRAIN!!!

To prevent this please whiitelist this email address:

If you are still not receiving messages let me know here or DM me. I can reset your email bounce score and things will start flowing again.


@dfriestedt I have stopped receiving them.

@dfriestedt i keep forgetting to tell you I’m not getting the emails - might’ve been my email that caused it as it was close to max the other week

@PaleGail I reset your bounce score. They should start coming now. LMK if that is not the case. thx!

Yes i see them coming through now thanks @dfriestedt!!!

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I’ve gone into Yahoo Mail settings and setup a filter to direct any email from the address to my Inbox but still nothing. Can you try again for me, please?

@msvdolan2002 I did a reset- you should be getting it now as long as the forum email address is whitelisted. We had others with issues with Yahoo… they since changed their email address to use gmail.

Working now! Thanks so much.

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I’m not getting email. Thanks!

@franklim in your settings, you have selected to receive emails once a day if you do not visit the forum (see below). You can change the settings to receive an email each time a message is posted, etc.

Hi, I jUst noticed I’m not getting emails - can you rest me too - thanks!!

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done @mpatton! Please remember to whitelist the forum email address (you might need to google how to white list for your provider)

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