Saddle sores!?!? Help!

If you can’t post this in a women’s cycling forum, where can you post it?

After yesterday’s workout, I noticed that my saddle area was a bit sore. Tonight I realized that I have a huge cyst on the vulva on one side! I suffered last fall with several cysts in the crease of my leg, but now this!?! Clearly a bike fitting (which I have been meaning to do forever) is in order. I am just not comfortable on my trainer, no matter what I do.

In the mean time, I have a major ride coming up this weekend and I need to be ready. I had intended to ride tomorrow (Sunday) morning, but given the cyst I am going to take tomorrow off. Any other suggestions on how to proceed? Would it make sense to try to do the fitting ASAP? Or after the sore heals and after my long ride this weekend? This stinks!

Jen, others my say different, but I’d do the fit after the ride as it will take some time to adjust to the new fit. On the trainer I get super sweaty so I wear tri short to try to keep the moisture in the chamois low, and I also make sure I come up off the saddle regularly (great in the rest/recovery bit) and try to get some of the air from the fan to assist you.
I’m not 100%comfy on the trainer either, it’s an artificial position. But have you double checked your front wheel height to your rear wheel? I use the kinetic Turner riser and I sit on the highest cut out.
Remember chamois cream is your friend on long trainer sessions.
I stumbled across a bontrager hilo speed dial saddle that allows me to adjust the width of the opening. I know trek has these on closeout at the moment, it solved my rubbing/sore issues. I also found that due to my hips being slightly rotated (thanks childbirth) that I sat slightly off to one side, so my right side bits always were always injured. Made the saddle slight off centered and helped immensely.
Good luck

Talk about bad timing… I suffered with subcutaneous cysts for YEARS until I finally got a professional bike fit from a reliable fitter. At one point one of my cysts was so big it was almost the size of an apricot! They were on the side/seat bones. Turns out I had a saddle that was too wide for me, plus needed changes in saddle height and handlebar reach. Bike fit changes are all connected, and that’s why only changing one thing (e.g., saddle) is not a good idea.

Take a look at this post about my experience.

Once I got the fit, the relief was immediate and the pressure was gone. I can see how it may take time to get adjusted to a new fit. For me, however, the fit was so amazing that I did not need any time to adjust. An alternative might be to try to get a fit ASAP then do 1-2 short rides and see how it feels. I have to believe that it can’t get worse than it is now!

Now onto trying to get the cyst to heal. This is what I used to do:

  • Sit in the bath tub with warm/hot water for a few minutes a few times/day (as recommended by a dermatologist). The heat helps with the swelling and helps blood flow in the area.
  • Go commando as much as you can
  • Spray the area with a mix of water and a few drops of tea tree oil (I buy the tea tree oil and mix it in a small spritzer bottle)
  • Wash the area (but not the lady bits, so in this case the groin) with Hibiclens before each ride

Hope it gets better soon. Keep us posted!

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@Coach_Theia I remember reading your post about the bike fitting and the cysts. I had several cysts lanced, drained and stitched in December. I posted about it in Zwift Academy. I have been wanting to do a bike fitting but was unsure about trekking to Velosmith in Wilmette vs finding someone closer.

I thought I had solved the cyst issue, though, and this popped up last night out of nowhere! I also have two different bikes, one on the trainer and one outdoors. I probably need to have them both fitted, though my outdoor bike is much more comfortable than my bike on the trainer.

@Jojo I have my font wheel on the Kinetic riser so that it’s level with the back wheel. I always use chamois cream since my last round of cysts. I did wear a pair of bibs that were not my favorite. I think they are going in the trash! That saddle sounds interesting. I’ll look it up. I know the local Trek store does saddle pressure mapping. Maybe I’ll see if I can get in and have that done. I do think I need one with more of a cutout.

Argh! I’m so frustrated.

I am just a casual rider so not exactly the same experience but since finding Zwift I was on the bike much more. I starting having pain that was getting severe. My husband gifted me with a bike fit at Cyclologic in Scottsdale. According to them they have 1 of the 3 best set ups for fitting in the world. Anyway, the relief was immediate or nearly that. I was also amazed by how much of a difference my bibs made. After the fitting when I used a pair that were not as comfortable, I immediately felt it. Best of luck.


I remember that conversation now!! That was at the end of last year, I think… which means, it’s time to… (wink, wink, nudge, nudge :relaxed:)

Good news that your “outdoor bike” is more comfortable. Hope you are OK for the event!