Site migration from AWS to DO

Guys I’ve been working behind the scenes for months on migrating the site from Amazon to DigitalOcean. I did it this AM without warning hoping it would go quickly. I was able to do it in about 1 hours after months of testing. I’m shocked I did not destroy a bunch of stuff.

In addition, I enabled a whole-site CDN that should speed up delivery of images all over the world.

If anything does not seem to be working, please post here so I can trouble shoot. Your user profiles, posts, and images should all have come over. All your settings should be the same too. Reply by email should work too.

You might see an SSL Certificate error due to browser caching. You can resolve this by clearing the cache on your browser.

I also wanted to add that if you created a post between 8PM Central Last Night (Sept 19) and 5AM Central Today (Sept 20) it will not appear in the migrated forum. I could restore these posts but the migration went so well I don’t want to jinx it by doing another restore. I hope you understand and hope we did not lose that many posts.

Fingers crossed we don’t need to return to the old server!!!


Thanks for your hard work @dfriestedt!


I had to login again this morning but other than that, seamless transition!!! :grin::grin::grin:


@dfriestedt thanks for all you do for the forum and the 360 Velo family!!! Other than relogging in, all good here!! IT wizard along with bike mechanic wizard - score!!!

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Anytime. I did forget to mention that everyone will need to login again.

Oops wasnt a complaint @dfriestedt i had seen the notice come through email so i figured that was why I had to log back in - no big deal here - my work intranet i have to resign in like every 20 min or something - now that’s a pain when i use it a lot every day :woman_facepalming:t3:

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No problem at all! I sort of like this geeky internet stuff. I think the speed is better with this new setup. Super excited about that.

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Guys - looks like reply by email is broken. I’m working to fix that now.

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