SOCKS for cycling fall/winter

What should I get for fall riding IRL? I only have no shows! I guess wool socks for winter?

Yes, wool socks are fantastic! I would also recommend shoe covers/booties. Castelli, Assos, Gore are all great brands for these.

This is an outlier, but there was a time when my shoes got so filled with mud that seeped in under my Gore booties, that I had to run large amounts of water through them in my utility sink. After that, I got myself Fizik Artica boots. They are so warm! They are “unisex” sizing, so I do have to size down and put in a thicker insole.

Wool makes me itch, so I like Rapha non-wool winter socks.

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I wear wool socks almost all year around. For fall, I wear mid weight wool socks and toe covers on my shoes. As it gets colder, I moved to winter cycling boots with wool socks. I also carry disposable foot warmer inserts.
One of the best things I own are showers pass waterproof wool socks for bad weather.
I live in New England and ride outside all year round.


@Petals - Thanks for the info!