Special Discount on Lexi Miller Women's Cycling Apparel!

Hello Members and WCC Participants!

All members and those who completed the 30-Day Women’s Cycling Challenge will receive a 25% discount on the high-quality, flattering women’s cycling apparel from Lexi Miller! I met @alexis, owner of Lexi Miller, virtually through Zwift. I own the Wrapture jersey (pic below), the cycling shorts and the cycling leggings, which I wear all the time and know will last me a long time. In fact, the quality of these is so amazing that I reached out to Alexis to see if she’d be interested in offering a discount to us. You can tag @alexis here if you have any questions. She designs and has the pieces manufactured in California.

I will post the link for the discount to current members, and will email the link to those who complete and send the last survey for week 5 of the challenge.

I can fit SO much in those pockets!



That is so generous