Sprint video - Theia's sprint outdoors after a workout

Wanted to share this video of Theia doing a short sprint. Notice the snap. She gets up to max power very quickly. She has improved this a lot from strength training. The power on the screen is Theia’s, not mine.


You can hear me shift down 3 times before standing. Also, notice cadence. If I were to continue longer, I would have had to shift again mid-sprint. But I was quickly running out of road!


Holy :poop:! The watts! That snap! And so smooth and solid! I will never have that snap and my old legs will probably never reach those watts. But I’ll keep working on technique for sure! I have no idea what I look like when I sprint but this is what it feels like:

And then I collapse in a gasping heap when it’s over.


A-MA-ZING!!! Theia is a pocket rocket… I will dream of hitting those sorts of watts

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@Stefanie you crack me up!! Thank you. And don’t put a limit on what you can do - same for you @Michelle! Both of you can continue to improve speed, position and power.

Here is a zoom in of the sprint. Notice cadence (blue), power (green) and speed (pink). That dip in cadence right before the big hit is after shifting down 3 times - that brought the cadence down by about 10 rpms. It’s a fine balance of finding what gives you enough resistance but not so much that slows you down. It takes practice, practice, practice, over and over, so you will “feel” what gear/cadence combo works best for you and the terrain.


Wow. Amazing!

We all start somewhere… When I started cycling in 2016, my heart rate would shoot up to 185 bpms to go over an overpass! I had no sprint ability and my speed was among the slowest in the cycling group. But I was committed to training from the beginning, and kept it up all these years.

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You are an inspiration @Coach_Theia!! Train Train Train and it has to get better!!

LOL Stefanie me too. I just watched Theia’s outside sprint video in this thread and my first thought was “I need to practice this more!” I get so focused on the power number and trying to gain power as fast as possible that I forget about body position and shifting smoothly to keep the power high . I bet if I practiced those more, the power and speed would take care of themselves.