Standing & Seated Interval Video showing transition and power control / Standing Form

This weekend I took some videos of Theia doing intervals. Here is one of her doing a 12 minute interval at a floor of 210 watts - 1 minute standing and 1 minute seated. Notice the power control within each minute and when changing from standing to seated to standing.

Here is a zoom in of the power file. The one big drop there was because of a stop/traffic. Notice how Theia keeps the power floor close to/above the target (black line). Cadence changes between seated/standing is the blue line.

More on standing form:


This 12 min interval was simulating a climb. We only have flat roads around here, but notice how I use lower cadence when standing. Upon reviewing this video, my coach said to focus on my upstroke a little more when standing, as it looks short. Looks like I am a little late on the first part of it at the 5 o’clock position (and that is the calf). Then to add more hip flexor up and over the top.

Power and transition control takes time to master. Can you see me shifting at all? Also notice that there is no drop in speed when going from standing/seated/standing - it’s all about shifting and cadence.


Wow wow wow! So smooth! You make it look so easy @Coach_Theia!


@Coach_Theia WOW! Now, I know I should be watching your form and technique, but my jaw is on the floor due to something else… I’ve never seen a road so flat and so straight that goes on for so long! LOL!


welcome to Chicago!

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Is the floor the power target we get in training peaks for each interval or is it the lower end of the training zone where the power target falls into?
For example, I have a 5 min interval at 200 watts. This number falls within my threshold zone (185 w - 210 w). Is the floor 200w or 185w?

@Covi the “floor” is the power target, so in your example, 200 watts.

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Thanks for taking me down memory lane in that video. Miss my hometown.
Also, you are soooooo smoooooooooooooth on changing gears, I didn’t even notice! WOW!

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smooth like buttah! So great to watch this. Thank you.

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Inspiring, so strong, didn’t notice the gears at all. Very smooth.