Stelvio Pass Climb

Fantastic photos and awesome ride. :biking_woman::biking_woman:

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I think I might offer @mariannamarcucci some “free live coaching sessions on climbing” so I can stay at her house and go ride this one with her!!! :rofl: Anyone else wanting a “free” live coaching session in a beautiful place??


Sure sounds like fun!! lol. Not sure eastern Nebraska fits your definition of a beautiful place. hehe

Wow @mariannamarcucci!!! I am speechless! Amazing! Fantastic!

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I NEED that live coaching!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Tracyligemagreen Thank you! It’s absolutely a thing to do, go!

WOW!!! Major Kudos for tackling that one @mariannamarcucci! Epic ride!!!

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Might I suggest Colorado? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We could do group rides with the ladies out here! I have only done one mountain climb since I’ve lived here. Mount Evans was being discussed for Labor Day weekend (as the roads were closed to cars) but it fell through when one of my riding relatives did not travel this way after all. These mountain climbs are best done with friends. :sparkling_heart:


Beautiful narration of an epic accomplishment! Your approach is wonderful. I will take with me the attitude to my next adventures for sure!


Wow that is absolutely gorgeous and incredible!! Well done!!

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Oooo I am so wanting to travel back to CO. Loved my last trip to Denver and we have a lot of WV connections out there.

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Thank you @Silje!!! I’m so happy to know my attitude is inspiring!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you @medic7404!!! :v::v::v:

Stunning and what an accomplishment @mariannamarcucci! I am curious - - perhaps someone already asked and I just haven’t scrolled down enough…how long did this take you? Did you need a long sleeve for the descent and how was the descent - - is it on the same road as the cyclists who are going up or is it on the other side? Years ago (2007) I did Mt. Figueroa in California but it is shorter and less steep (8% average grade for 16KM) and I recollect going down a different way than we came up which is probably good thing. I also remember white knuckling it on the way down LOL.


@reservoircat Thank you! I’ve done the way up from the town of Prato allo Stelvio and it’s 25 kms total, from the town to the first turn, the 48th, there are several kms useful to warm up the legs, otherwise you start immediately with the climb.
It took me 2 hours and 40 minutes, someone told me that this is a good time for an amateur cyclist.
I wore summer clothes to go up and took long sleeves and a gilet for the arrival - it was very windy up there - and wore sleeves and gilet for the descent. First part of the descent I was freezing!
The descent is on the same way but it’s nice, you go down smiling as hell cheering up the other cyclists “Alé, Alé, Alé…you almost done!”. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
There are cars, buses and motorcycles so you better be careful on the descent, but I must say I went on the worst day of the week, Saturday, because during the week there are few motors. On every last Sunday of the week they close the pass to motors so cyclists can go safely.


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Wow amazing! So happy for you that you made it and didn’t stop. It’s on my list for next summer! I’ve got a long way to go to be ready for those kinda hills!

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@ronyiigibbs thank you and good luck for next year! I’m sure you’ll do a great job!!!