Stelvio Pass Climb

So on Wednesday I get a text from @mariannamarcucci saying that she was planning on riding the Stelvio Pass on Saturday. You know, no big deal. It’s only one of the most iconic and difficult climbs in the world…

For those not familiar, the Stelvio is a mountain pass in northern Italy bordering Switzerland at an elevation of 2,757 m (9,045 ft) above sea level.

Well, she crushed the climb!! Amazing job Marianna! Would love to hear more about your experience.


I’m still alive…that’ the news!!! :rofl:
I was feeling well so when with some friends we realized that Saturday was the last day to do the Pass - bad weather started on Sunday - we decided to try! I was absolutely scared…25 kms, 9% on the average and peaks of 14%…with no flats at all…not even a 5 meters flat…it’s a continuous climb for damn 25 kms :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: 48 turns in total.
The first thing I thought was "I must ask @Coach_Theia what to do, what to eat, which prayers I have to say, things like that. The evening before I should have eaten 90 gr of carbs…I thing I’ve eaten like 90 kgs…just to be sure I had the energy the day after!
The morning was awesome, nice weather and my legs were confident, more than the whole me, but, I’ve started pedaling.
We left from Prato allo Stelvio, I started pedaling smoothly, no pressure, without thinking about the 48 turns to go…thinking about the road as a ìn ally and not an enemy, like Theia told me! It worked!

The view is absolutely stunning, the first turns are in the middle of the wood and it’s the hardest part, those 14% incline segments are evil but there are a lot of cyclists and I had the chance to talk to many of them, time flies when you don’t think only to the road.

Almost in the middle I went out from the wood and I saw the last turns, the ones in the pictures Theia posted here…and yes, they are beautiful but in that moment I’ve realized I was only in the middle of the entire climb!!!

It’s tough, really tough…but the sun, the bike, the VIEW…I just kept pedaling and enjoying every turn to the top.

I arrived smiling, legs weren’t hurting at all, breath was regular…a miracle!!! :rofl:

The training with Theia has paid a lot, I’m so happy I’ve decided to go with it! I’m posting few pictures I’ve taken.


Those are gorgeous pics and congrats on the accomplishment. Wow.


Thank you Vivian!

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that is so cool & very inspiring. thank you for sharing. Congratulations !!


I’m speechless @mariannamarcucci! What an amazing ride!!! Very happy for you that you got to do it and happy for us that you shared your experience. Well done!!!


@mariannamarcucci this is incredible. I for one am so afraid of heights thatI cannot even think of going up this in a car let alone by bike! Bravo!


@tank35girl Thank you!

@Marmen21 I’m sharing this as I still can’t believe I did it! :rofl: Thank you!

@gosimrr :rofl::rofl::rofl: I must admit going down has been more scary…downhill with that incline is evil! Thank you!

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Wow @mariannamarcucci! Amazing ride! Thanks for sharing about it and the photos. Wow. Just wow! :star_struck:


@mariannamarcucci you are Heroine amongst Heroines and a Goddess amongst Goddesses! What an amazing feat I hope you are basking in the glory, and the high of completing such a spectacular ride. And I hope e warm and proud feeling of doing this stays with you for a long long time. :crown: :crown: :crown::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::bike:



The photos are gorgeous. Wow, 9,045 feet above sea level. Congratulations!

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Wooowwwww!! What a cool experience!! Well done @mariannamarcucci

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Awesome job Marianna that looks so cool. I will put it on my bucket list you have inspired me. Thank you!

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@mariannamarcucci I have nothing but :flushed: :flushed: looks so amazing! You rock!
Huge congrats :balloon::champagne::tada::biking_woman::muscle:t2:

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Thank you @Stefanie! :star_struck:

Thank you @PaleGail !!! :star_struck:

Thank you @mpatton! :star_struck:

WOW @kswhite…that’s an amazing message, thank you!!! I feel the glory even more now! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

COOL!!! Let me know when you’ll decide to go…I might decide to do it again! @Janeyr :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@mariannamarcucci well done! Super achievement :heart: What a beautiful place. That’s a climb that on my bucket list for sure xx

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