Strava Date and time

I have looked at Google and Strava support, the date and time is incorrect in Strava.
I know I have returned after a break but don’t think anything else has changed,
Did a workout today (15 March, 5pm), Strava has recorded as 10th March 5.07am.

I am running out of ideas now. Can someone assist please.

Have you tried this?: “ From the Strava website, open the drop-down menu under your profile picture and select Settings. Replace your current location with Los Angeles > Save > Refresh Page. Enter your correct location > Save > Refresh Page. Confirm that your time zone is now set properly.”

Past activities won’t get fixed unless you re-upload but hopefully all future activities will have the correct date.

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I checked and even with the timezone change here in the US, my activities uploaded correctly to Strava yesterday

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Thanks, yes I have tried this.

@reshi1328 what do you use to Zwift? A computer or a tablet? And do you upload to Strava directly from Zwift?

I use my laptop for Zwift, so Strava updates automatically.
For my runs Garmin updates Strava.
In both cases the date and times are wrong.

And you checked dates and time zones selected in your Zwift account/profile, laptop and Garmin, correct?

It could have something to do with your laptop - if its a work computer, the IP address could be registered in a different timezone and maybe something happened with the time change

Aha… that was one issue I have fixed that now. Let’s see what happens when I race next.
I was using my son’s laptop, my old Mac can’t load Zwift.

I have checked all these.
So I did a run this morning and it loaded accurately on Strava with correct time and date. Garmin is fine! Issue on this part is maps don’t get loaded on Strava for my runs! That’s Garmin to Strava no maps- Another one to resolve.