Strength Training Videos

First in a series of strength workout videos that I will be sharing, focusing on cycling performance, overall strength, mobility, and stability. Some videos will show movements only; others will include guidance/commentary. I will also be posting short videos focusing on specific movements and their variations (e.g., planks, RDLs, etc.)

In this circuit:
Pull Ups - Isometric
Deadlift - Trap Bar
Box Jump (no hands)
Bulgarian Squats with plate overhead
Pull Aparts (arms) - resistance band
Glute Bridge - Barbell
Plank Walkout


Wow! You ca start offering gym memberships for your garage :smile:

I have a pull up bar but it’s one of those doorway ones and I can’t jump up or I will hit my head on the door frame. Is hanging with knees lifted and the muscles all engaged a good alternative?


that is so cool @Coach_Theia. thank you for sharing. OMG on those Bulgarian squats.

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When I first started doing the Bulgarian squats I did them without weight and they used to kill me!


In this circuit:

  • Inverted row - TRX - one arm
  • Push press rotational - 1 arm - dumbell
  • RDL (Romanian Dead Lift) - single leg - barbell
  • Bench press - barbell
  • Lateral lunge with slider and dumbell
  • Hanging leg raises