Stretches for cyclists


Here is a sequence of stretches recommended for AFTER a bike workout or ride. It can also be done at anytime - just not recommended for right before a ride. I do these real time so you may follow along!


Thanks so much for posting this, Theia. My lower back has been tight and my legs cramp sometimes … I know this will help a lot! I just did it for the first time and feel better already!


That’s great Maggie! Consistency is key, so if you plan on doing the stretches often, it should be quite beneficial.


Thanks Theia! this is fantastic!


Started with your 15 Minute Daily Core, did the SST Variation, and finished with the Stretches for Cyclists. A perfect combination, I feel great.


Any recommendations for stretches during the day like during a lunch break? My hamstrings are really tight and I’d like to change that. Thanks


Hi Mike, are you asking for stretches that you can do while, say, at a public place wearing work attire or at home/gym?


Ideally both :grin:

The stretches for cyclists video mentions that they should only be done after the ride so I’m just looking for stretches that are safe and effective to do while the muscles are “cold”.



Yes, I mention that on the video- but what I meant to say is that static stretching (like the ones on the video) are not recommended before getting on the bike. They can be done cold, no problem. So those are:


  • Standing forward bend with legs hip width apart
  • Standing forward bend with legs wide and toes pointing slightly in (this also stretches the IT bands)
  • On the floor, kneeling on one leg and stretching the other straight in front of you; bend forward to increase stretch

Here are a few more hamstring stretches:

  • Sitting on the floor, both legs together straight in front of you, feet flexed (toes point to ceiling), reach for toes with a straight back (hinge at the hips)
  • Same as above, but one leg at a time and put leg slightly out (diagonal)
  • Sitting on a chair (this can be done at work, anytime)- stretch one leg up parallel with the floor, feel flexed/toes pointing up, and hinge forward from the hips


For the one on your back, you can start by holding your legs with your hands (on your thigh), over time you can transition to a wall and then the towel as shown below:

The one below can also be done with the foot of the leg being stretched on a step, block, or chair, then bed, table as you get more flexible:

As you can see, you’ll never get bored!!!

** hold stretches between 10 and 30 seconds**


This is great, thanks!!


Hm… seems the video is not available :frowning:


Yes, I am sorry about that. I need to transfer the video over from a previous site. Will put that on the list to do this week.